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Ladies......which Cher?????  I kind of like both but lean towards the black hair.  
Another ageless lady over fifty.  To be exact Cher is 65 years old.  She was born Cherilyn Sarkisian on May 20, 1946 in El Centro, California.  She is a legend in her own time and has won an Academy Award, a Grammy, an Emmy, Three Golden Globes, A Cannes Film Festival Award and a  People's Choice Award.   We have grown up with Cher from way back when it was "Sonny and Cher".  To read full bio on Cher click here.
Cher, like many celebs has helped people in need.  A Kenyan school was losing its lease and being evicted.  Cher was in Europe and heard the story on the news from her hotel room.  Cher called the pastor of the school immediately to offer her help.  Cher  funded  the building of a new school on new land.  She hired an architect and builder to do the  construction.  Click here to hear more about the  Shikimana School.
Ladies over fifty are awesome!!!

P.S.  Cher is so great in "Burlesque"

Wines by One of our Favorite Ladies Over Fifty

Have you ever wondered what wine Oprah would drink? (We have!)

Well, the January 2011 issue of O Magazine  (her namesake monthly) -- on newsstands now -- reveals this deet. She gives the thumb's up, via her "O List Holiday Guide," to Napa-based Blackbird Vineyards. A relatively new winery (2003 was the first vintage), its focus is on Pomerol-style wines like those produced in Bordeaux, France.

What Oprah gives her props to from this winery is its Flock Box Collection ($48), essentially a sampler set of six Blackbird wines (50 mL each). It includes: 2009 "Arriviste" Napa Valley Rosé; and five proprietary red wines from the 2006, 2007 and 2008 vintages ("Arise," "Paramour," "Contrarian" and "Illustration").

And because a bottle from this winery (with the exception of the "Arriviste" Rosé, the most affordable option at $24) is going to set you back between $50 and $90, this is actually a steal. It's also a rare offering since many of the vintages are sold out, and are typically allocated to private customers and fine-dining restaurants, as well as celebrity-attended events. Two of the wines ("Arriviste" and "Arise") were poured at the Vanity Fair party as part of the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival (Woody Allen, Bono, Spike Lee and Kanye West were at the bash).

We knew we could count on Oprah to tip her hat to a good deal on a rare offering! Wine critics like Blackbird wines, too. The 2007 "Illustration" ($90), for instance, which is in the Flock Box Collection, earned 97 points from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.
                                                                       Article by Kristine Hansen 

Ladies.....What is your favorite wine?

Ladies......Let's Exfoliate!!!!!

Did you ever look down at your legs and to your dismay they resembled the scales of a fish?  Well, this is from  the build up of dead skin cells.  The skin is constantly creating new skin cells at the dermis which is the lower layer of the skin.  The cells then travel up to the upper layer of skin which is called the epidermis.  When the cells travel to the epidermis they begin to die and fill with keratin.  These cells give our skin its protective quality.   Then these skin cells slough off to make room for new younger cells........So, it is a cycle.  But as we age this process of cell turnover slows down and makes our skin look scaly, dry, rough and dull.  If we exfoliate then we can speed up the process of cell turnover and reveal younger, smoother, brighter looking skin!  Also when you exfoliate your skin any face product you use such as a serum will get absorbed more efficiently and therefore work better!
  There are two different means to exfoliate.  One is mechanical and the other is chemical.  Mechanical is when for example you would use a loofah or a scrub to exfoliate.  Dermabrasion (actually microdermabrasion) is another type of mechanical exfoliation. (Be careful not to overdo dermabrasion because it can make older skin look even thinner.  So space your treatments accordingly.)  Chemical exfoliation means just that.   Enzymes, alphahydroxy acids or betahydroxy acids are used.  There are different strengths of chemical peels.   For example, your dermatologist can give you a mild acne peel.  This peel will reveal a fresher complexion.  You can receive a series of these mild peels.  But certainly do not overdo it.  Let your doctor be your guide.   And don't get a peel by one doctor and then go home and do a home peel.  There is such a thing as doing too much.  If you overdo it you can remove too much of the protective layer of your skin. Your skin can become dry and raw.   Never wax after having a peel and do not sit in the sun after having a chemical peel.  Your skin can then be more easily damaged by the sun.  
To exfoliate the skin on your body you can use a body brush or loofah.  These you can use every day.  You can also use a body scrub.  It is safe to exfoliate a few times a week with a scrub,  but all skin is different so know your skin type.  Also remember, do not exfoliate your face with the same products that you would use on your body. 
If done right exfoliation will give you a youthful, healthy glow! 

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Madonna and Ellen Barkin.....Looking Great!


The New Thirty
Fifty is the new thirty, yeah, we know, blah blah blah. It’s nice in theory, but how many over 50 ladies can really prove it? Well – these two can. Madonna and Ellen Barkin both attended Tom Ford’s New York screening of “A Single Man,” hosted by the Cinema Society at the Museum of Modern Art. Both wore chic black ensembles, had killer hair, and look mind-blowingly good. We love Madonna’s new Anna Wintour look of donning super dark glasses at night. Well, she’s Madonna – she can do anything she damn pleases. And, well, we love her shoes. And her coat. Madonna’s stylist Arianne Phillips did the costumes for Mr. Ford’s movie – and she’s also been known to dress Julianne Moore, who is in the movie. Yes, those chic New York ladies all wear black – why wouldn’t they? To a Tom Ford event?

This was quoted by

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Vitamin D.....Are you Deficient???

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin.  The reason being is that the body produces vitamin D in response to sunlight.  Of course we don't want to bake in the sun so, hence, one reason that we could be Vitamin D deficient.  Diet can be a reason for a deficiency.  Vitamin D occurs naturally in a few foods such as fish, fish liver oils,  egg yolks and fortified dairy and grain products.  If someone is a strict vegetarian then they would not get a good supply of Vitamin D.  Other reasons for Vitamin D deficiency are if we have a profession or lifestyle that doesn't allow us to get sunlight.  Another reason for vitamin D deficiency could be if you have a darker complexion.  Having a darker complexion means that you have more melanin in your skin which inhibits vitamin D production.  Being obese can cause vitamin D deficiency.  Fat cells take vitamin D from the blood.  Certain medical conditions such as Crohn's disease and Celiac disease can hinder your intestine's ability to absorb vitamin D from the foods you eat. 
Whatever the reason for your vitamin D deficiency it is important that you remedy the problem.  Vitamin D deficiency contributes to a host of problems. 
Vitamin D is crucial for strong bones as it helps the body use calcium.  So taking calcium alone is not going to help your bones.  (we will discuss this in another post).  
Inadequate levels of vitamin D have been associated with increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in older adults and cancer.  Now research suggests that vitamin D can prevent and treat many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and multiple sclerosis. 
Some symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can be muscle and bone soreness.  You may not have any symptoms so it is so important to get a blood test.  That will tell you if you have a vitamin D deficiency.  Then your doctor will prescribe the proper dosage of vitamin D for you depending on your results.  There is no set amount of what we should be taking.  ( I recently had a blood test and my vitamin D level was extremely low.  Now I know why my joints have been sore and tender.  After two doses of 50,000 International Unit's ( one dose a week) my joints no longer bother me.  You may not need as much vitamin D as I do.  You must get a blood test and then your doctor will go over the results with you.)
Of course it is great if we can get some of our requirement of vitamin D from the sun.  But limit that to 15 minutes in the morning and late afternoon when the sun is not the strongest.  Also limit the amount of time because you will not be using sunscreen (sunscreen will inhibit the production of vitamin D).  I love the feeling of the sun on my skin but in the summer I try to use sunscreen as much as possible and in the winter we are definitely sun deprived in the northeast.  So a supplement would be in order.

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The Kardashian Khristmas Kard

This is the Kardashians new Khristmas Kard.  I think it kind of looks like the "Addams Family."  Not to be disrespectful but it does look a little creepy.   Regardless,  I love watching their reality show.  And Kris Kardashian is a lady over fifty.  And of course she looks amazing!  I absolutely love Khloe's gown.  It is by  Monique Lhuillier. Sooo gorgeous!  
The Kardashians

Quote by Kris Kardashian Jenner:

"Dress appropriately for the place you are going and embrace it, don't get lazy with fashion. If you do you are missing out on a really amazing adventure." - Kris telling Radaronline how she gave her daughters their star style.

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Cloris Leachman

If this woman isn't an inspiration....who is?  
Cloris Leachman 
Cloris Leachman was a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars"  when she was 82 in 2008!

Zimbio's Sexiest Women Over Fifty

These are some of the sexiest women over 50 from the list by Zimbio.  Can you name them?  Yes, they are nipped and tucked but fun to look at and I think inspiring.  I know that it is easier to look great when you have a lot of money but these ladies are our age and I love what over fifty can look like!
To see the rest of the list click here.

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Healthy Hair

  Hi Ladies.......
The health and condition of our hair has so much to do with what is going on inside of our bodies.  And that has everything to do with what we put into our bodies.  Following is a list of nutrients and the foods that you can get them from. the building block of hair.  Hair is 88% protein.  Protein will give your hair strength.
                sources:  salmon, poultry, eggs
Vitamin B.....lack of B vitamins can lead to oily hair conditions.
                sources:  green vegetables, beans, sunflower seeds, nuts and peas
Vitamin C....strengthens the immune system, and assists in metabolizing B vitamins and amino acids
                 into the body.  Lack of vitamin C can cause dry hair.                                
                sources:  oranges, melons, berries, lemons, limes, red peppers, kale, tomatoes and cucumbers
Vitamin A.....a lack of Vitamin A can cause dry hair.
                sources:  carrots, sweet potatoes, squash. broccoli cantaloupe or apricot needed to help carry oxygen to the hair.
                sources:  eggs, fish, liver, oysters, meat, poultry, whole grains, green leafy vegetables and
                blackstrap molasses needed for hair structure and is involved in the pigmentation of hair.
                sources:  milk, bread and green vegetables
Zinc.........a lack of Zinc can lead to hair loss.  Zinc is necessary for building hair protein.
                sources:  oysters, nuts, oats, eggs, butter and kidney beans
Water.......makes up one-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair.  Water is necessary to nourish healthy
Essential Fats....healthy hair needs two essential fatty acids - omega-3 and omega-6 - these are not
                produced naturally by the human body.                  
               Omega-3 fat sources:  flax oil, algae, cold-water fish, dark-green vegetables, hemp oil and
               pumpkin seed oil
               Omega-6 fat sources:  borage, evening primrose oil, safflower oil, sunflower seeds, hemp
               seeds, corn and pumpkin seeds

Ladies......if you choose the right foods to eat you will have beautiful hair!

This information was quoted by Kathy Savage, who is the owner of Christopher Street Salon in Commack, New York.

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I think that this is the way you want a man to love you.  Listen to how this husband talks about his wife!

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Sharon Osbourne

Ladies....I realize that these beautiful women are celebs but they have gone through life experiences that we go through.  They do have a lot of resources that we might not have to help them get through their ordeals.  But because of what they have gone through and because they are celebs they want to make it easier for women that have to go through cancer treatment without having the additional stresses of not being able to afford the proper treatment.  This is something that Sharon Osbourne is doing.  She battled colon cancer and now is helping women that have to go through the same cancer battle.

The Nanny - Fran Drescher

Fran-DrescherThe list of fascinating and awesome women over fifty is endless.  I love talking about these ladies.  They are inspiring in what they do, who they are and how they never give up in the face of adversity.  Fran Drescher is one of those ladies!  Fran Drescher, of course, is best known for playing "The Nanny".  I could watch those episodes over and over.  I hear her voice in my head saying: "Mr. Sheffield!" 
 Fran Drescher has gone through so many negatives in her life, but seems to turn all the negatives into positives.  A lot of life lessons we can learn from Fran.  I never knew that in 1985 Fran and a friend were raped at gunpoint at her Los Angeles apartment as her then husband was tied up and forced to watch the entire ordeal. 
 On June 21, 2000  Fran was diagnosed with uterine cancer after being misdiagnosed by eight doctors for two years.  On June 21, 2007, the seventh anniversary of her operation, Fran started The Cancer Schmancer Movement.   This non-profit organization is dedicated to ensuring that all women's cancers are found while they are Stage 1, when they are the most curable.
Please click here to read full story 

Fran Drescher lands daytime talk show

by Mandi Bierly
Image Credit: Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesThe Fran Drescher Show is happening. Long rumored to be making a foray into the chat format, Drescher will get a three-week run in six major markets beginning on Nov. 26. Debmar-Mercury and Fox Television Stations will co-produce the “preview,” which, if successful on Fox-owned stations in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Orlando, would give birth to a national debut next fall. What can we expect? The one-hour talker will feature “Drescher’s witty commentary on captivating topics, current events, pop culture and interviews,” according to the announcement. It will also boast plenty of jokes about her famous voice and puns, if Drescher’s statement is any indication: ”I’m thrilled to be able to bring The Fran Drescher Tawk Show to daytime TV, which fits me hand in glove. It will cover all of my passions, everything from pedicures to politics. America will have a chance to see the real Fran Drescher, beyond The Nanny. I’m the girl next door, a self-made woman who has been to hell and back a few times. [She's a rape and cancer survivor.] I look forward to sharing my life lessons, having fun, learning Frantastic things with women in daytime and working with the Fox stations and Debmar-Mercury to bring this exciting new project to all of my fans.”
Are you in? In addition to her daily fashion choices, you have to at least want to see/hear the theme song. May we suggest a fun, animated ditty telling her life story (“…the gabber named Fran!”).                         
Can't wait for The Fran Drescher Tawk Show!
We love you Fran!

Kathie Lee and Hoda

Hi Ladies......
When I get a chance I love to watch these ladies on the 4th hour of the Today Show.  Kathie Lee is a year older than me and I think that she looks so great!  She did say that she attributes looking so good to her dermatologist.  Even though Hoda is not fifty yet I admire her so much for her attitude.  Hoda went through breast cancer.  She had a mastectomy and reconstruction.  She has such a great spirit and should be an inspiration to all of us!
Check out this cute clip about when Kathie Lee and Hoda went on the air sans make-up.

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Haydee Britton...Amazing!

Another amazing lady!!!!  Please read the following bio on Haydee Britton.  

United States
Master’s Degree in Education, in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language)
Spanish, English, French
This year will be my 37th year with the United Nations. I was interested in joining the United Nations because of my love of different cultures and also because of my language abilities. In 1973, I started working as a tour guide in English, French and Spanish, which I found to be a perfect match for my language skills and my degree in education. 

I now work with the General Assembly Affairs Branch of the Department of General Assembly and Conference Management, in New York. I am responsible for the announcement and the scheduling of meetings for the Assembly, as well as the personnel administration of 25 staff members. Until recently, I worked in the Correspondence Unit, editing letters and notes verbales from the Secretary-General’s office in three languages: English, French and Spanish. 

During my time with the United Nations, I also served in three peacekeeping missions: Cambodia, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Cambodia I worked on the country’s new draft Constitution. I also took part in the election process as an International Polling Station Officer in Batambang. In Haiti, I was part of the overall United Nations support effort. 

As an election monitor, I became aware of how important it was to have the right to vote. In Cambodia, we had to control massive crowds that wanted to vote. We formed a human chain to hold back the crowds, to keep the process orderly. I then realized what it meant to have the power of the vote, especially since I had left Bogota, Colombia when I was 12 years old and had never voted before, so I became a United States citizen in 2000. 

Although the work can be very demanding, you can see the United Nations does make a difference. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I served with the Child Protection Section, where we coordinated the demobilization of many child soldiers and raised awareness that this practice was unacceptable. We were able to demobilize large numbers of kids with guns and they were reintegrated into society and back into school. 

While in the Congo, I was so touched by the very difficult survival condition of the street children in Kinshasa that we formed a group among ourselves to help these kids. For the last eight years, we have been raising money for schooling, supplies, clothes and medical expenses. The well-being of my kids in the Congo is what inspires me and it is a way to give back to society. Today, we have 37 children in school while four former street children and child soldiers are going to college. 

What I like best about working for the United Nations is that I am in contact and work with people from all corners of the world. We constantly learn from each other and find that one idea can elicit many different points of view, with no one right or wrong answer. It makes me aware of the various possibilities of looking at a particular situation and how diverse communities can solve a problem in different ways. 

If you really want to work for the United Nations, my advice is to study, travel and work abroad and become proficient in a second or third language. Through language you get to learn about other cultures and other people’s ways of thinking. 

I consider it a privilege to work here, but especially in New York City, the place I wanted to live when I first came here more than 37 years ago. 
Please support Haydee's cause and visit

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 Hi Ladies......
I am adding some more images of the beautiful work by "Decouparte."

Etruscan man

Decouparte was born from a shared love of design and a passion for philanthropy.  Every piece is one of a kind, handcrafted in New Jersey.  Each piece is signed and dated.  A portion of the proceeds from each piece will help send a child with special needs to camp next summer. (
Since all work is done under the glass, you can use for food service or display.  Please hand wash only, do not soak or use in a microwave.

To order send e-mail to Faye at
You can also visit  "Decouparte" on Facebook!

Lower Your Cholesterol With Great Tasting Snacks

Hi Ladies.......
Just a Healthy Eating Tip to help lower cholesterol.......
It is important to choose whole foods that are rich in fiber and plant based nutrients as well as complex carbohydrates.
The following snacks are loaded with nutrients and also keep hunger away.  They have zero cholesterol and fewer calories and fat!

  • Sunflower Seeds 
  • Nuts : Walnuts, almonds, peanuts,  etc.  Nuts are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals!
  • Soy Nuts and edamame 
  • Hummus and veggies:  Hummus is made of garbanzo beans which has been shown to lower both total cholesterol and LDL ("bad" cholesterol).  Hummus is so great with raw veggies such as carrots, broccoli, red, yellow, or green peppers and cauliflower.
             Top 12  Phyto Foods :  (Plant Based)
  1. Soy                                        7. Melon
  2. Tomatoes                              8.  Pink Grapefruit
  3. Broccoli                                 9.  Blueberries
  4. Garlic                                   10.  Sweet Potatoes
  5. Flax Seeds                          11.  Chile Peppers
  6. Citrus                                   12.  Legumes  (beans and lentils)
Want something sweet to eat?
Try freezing grapes!  (Rinse and place in freezer bag and freeze for an hour).
Personally, I love cold grapes from the frig!

some info taken from

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Fall and Winter Boots

Percy Shearling Trim Leather Riding Boot
Take Additional 40% Off
Ann Taylor Loft
Kadin Lace Up Suede Boot
Take Additional 40% Off
Ann Taylor Loft


Easy Spirit

Easy Spirit
Hi Ladies......
Stretch Comfort

Easy Spirit
I have been searching the web for fall and winter  boots.  This is definitely the year of the boot!  There are so many great styles from combat boots to over the knee!  The only issue I had with searching the web was that so much of what showed up were very, very expensive designers....  Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Proenza Schouler to name a few.....  Needless to say that is not the kind of money that I would spend on boots.  But I do want to be in style.  That is important to me!   So I did some further surfing and found some styles that I love and at very affordable prices!  The styles are so great and so are the quality and fit.
I also went to an Easy Spirit Store and Ann Taylor Loft to see the boots first hand and they are really great quality!

Stretch Comfort

Easy Spirit
Easy Spirit

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