Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hi Ladies:
  • When it comes to makeup less is definitely more! First the most important thing to use is sunblock. Some foundations have sunblock as one of their ingredients. I have been using two that I like and are not that heavy. One is OLAY DEFINITY COLOR RECAPTURE. It is an anti-aging UV moisturizer with a hint of color. It has an SPF of 15. Another is INSTANT AGE REWIND ERASER TREATMENT MAKEUP by MAYBELLINE. It has an SPF of 18. The foundation is super concentrated with Goji Berry and Collagen. A sponge tip applicator makes application easy. Ladies don't over apply foundation. Put it where you need it and blend it in. I am very far sighted so I use a magnifying mirror after I apply my makeup and it is a good thing that I do. If I left the house without using the magnifying mirror it would not be a good thing. Ladies, the magnifying mirror is great for blending your foundation and eye shadow. Also go a shade or two darker than your complexion with foundation. It will draw less attention to lines on the face. After you apply your foundation and blush if you still see imperfections that need to be concealed use a coverstick. I love PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA in Light. Ladies, try not to use powder. It sets in our lines and draws more attention to them. If you have oily skin as I have use blotting papers. They take away that midday shine without caking on the powder.
  • Next the eyes. Before applying your eye makeup start with an under eye cream. Pat on gently with index finger. Then apply an under eye concealer. Apply the concealer on your lids, under your brows and under your eyes. I even pat a little concealer on the sides of my nose next to the inner corner of my eyes. This brightens the eye area. Next....eyeshadow. Keep your eyeshadow colors light! This will open up your eyes and detract from anything else on your face that might bother you. Ladies, use eyeliner and mascara. I feel that the mascara should only be used on the top lashes. If you put in on your bottom lashes then it will smudge under your eyes onto your concealer.
  • Define your eyebrows. You can use an eyebrow pencil. I prefer to use light brown eyeshadow. Not too much. Just enough to enhance the brows.
  • When applying blush don't go too pink or red or for that matter too orange. Apply color that works well with your skin tone but blend, blend, blend!!!
  • Ladies when it comes to our lips let's make them moist and give them color. A gloss is fine but some color is important. I also like using a lip liner but a neutral color is best. A color close to your lip color. I feel lip liner gives your mouth more definition, but don't draw that lip line too high. After you apply your lipstick put a little gloss on your bottom lip for a sexy pout!
Talk soon.....Elyse Rose

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