Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Important Tests for women over 50

Hi Girls,

Following is a list of tests that are so important for us girls over 50. Most of these tests should be performed yearly at your physical exam and gynecologic exam.

Please don't ignore them.

1. Mammogram - yearly ( breast sonogram and MRI if you are high risk)
{monthly breast self -exam}
2. Pelvic exam - (checks your uterus, ovaries, cervix and rectum)

3. Cervical cancer screening - yearly (PAP test and HPV test)

4. Colon cancer screening - starting at age 50 every 5 - 10 years unless you are at high risk and before age 50 if history of colon cancer/polyps/IBD is present in your family.

5. Blood tests for:

Diabetes (fasting glucose should be <100)

Cholesterol (LDL, bad cholesterol, <100)>50)
Triglycerides (<150)

Liver disease

Heart disease (CRP)

Kidney disease

Calcium level (this calcium level is not the calcium level in your bones)


6. Thyroid Function (many women over fifty can have an underactive thyroid)

7. Bone Density - every 2 years (check for osteopenia or osteoporosis)

8. Blood Pressure (BP should be <120/80)

9. Depression (if depression lasts for more than a couple of weeks please see a doctor)

10. Dental (dental infections can lead to heart problems)

11. Vision (check vision, rule out cataracts, glaucoma)

12. Skin exam (rule out skin cancer or pre-cancer)

13. EKG (check the health of your heart)

14. Please don't forget to "Check your Neck" (rule out thyroid cancer)

Girls,  get your yearly flu shot starting at 50!

These tests will help us to stay healthy......we owe it to ourselves and besides we have a lot of living to do!!!!!

Elyse Rose

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