Friday, July 23, 2010

"What I Know for Sure"

Hi Ladies,
What can you say about Oprah Winfrey? That she is amazing, awesome, beautiful, kind, giving, compassionate, smart, straight forward. You don't have to say her last name. She is Oprah, our friend. Oprah is the voice of reason. She is everything wonderful in this crazy world that we live in. If I could meet one celebrity it would be Oprah Winfrey. I don't get to watch her shows as often as I would like. With working full time and chores, errands and blogging it is a treat to get to watch The Oprah Show. But I do love my Oprah magazine. I must admit that each month I get so excited when I am in the supermarket or CVS and I see the new issue of the Oprah Magazine! It is the only magazine that I buy! The O magazine is so chock full of great advice, encouraging words, inspiring stories, fashion and make-up tips, etc. I find comfort in my copy of The Oprah Magazine. I read it for days and days, every bit of information. I also will admit that the first page that I read is the last page.....The famous...."WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE." In some of my low moments Oprah has put things into perspective for me. A few months ago Oprah talked about her interview with Charla Nash, the woman who was brutally attacked by her friend's chimpanzee. Charla Nash talked about how she looks forward to getting better and stronger. How can you ever complain about anything after hearing this brave woman's story. Thank you Oprah for bringing it to us. I just got my August issue and as usual turned to the last page. Oprah talks about how she likes a bargain just like anyone else. She goes on to explain how she has bought cars and houses and many things for her friends and family over the years. "I get a lot of pleasure from bringing pleasure, and I love using money to help others create a better life for themselves. But even the greatest gifts lose their value over time. I know for sure that the best deal is an investment in the things that will sustain your joy." I think that I might have just had an Aha! moment. I think that I understand what Oprah is saying. This blog that I am doing requires a lot of time. Right now it is 1:30 a.m. and I am still typing away. But it brings me joy so I am going to continue to be the best blogger that I can be!
Ladies.....please, please, please try to find something that brings you joy. A walk outside, a good book to read, The Oprah Magazine, coffee with a friend, etc. Us ladies over 50 have to stick together and encourage each other to be the best that we can be. How wonderful to have role models like Oprah Winfrey. She is truly amazing! I know that I cannot compare my little blog to building a school for girls in South Africa but this blog is something that I am building and it makes me smile.
Ladies....if you could sit down and have coffee with a celebrity who would it be? I'm going for coffee with Oprah, my friend!!!
Talk soon.......Elyse Rose

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