Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Colonoscopy

Well, after canceling four appointments in the past year I finally did not bail and went ahead with my colonoscopy. It is not like I haven't had one before. I have had four or five ( I can't even remember how many). I started getting colonoscopies when I turned 40. My uncle died from colon cancer at 46. He was never screened for it. I have had polyps removed multiple times. The polyps are removed during the colonoscopy. You do not feel a thing.
I stressed so much over this procedure because of the prep. It is not the most pleasant thing to do but it is a life saving procedure and it is so wonderful that it is available to us. It is a good thing that I did go because I did have another polyp which was removed during the procedure. After the procedure was over my doctor showed me a picture of what the polyp looked like before he removed it. Amazing!
Since I did have a polyp I have to have a colonoscopy again in three years. Usually it is every five years.

Please Ladies........schedule your colonoscopy if you have never had one or if you are overdue.
I'm not going to stress next time. It is not a big deal.

Next test......mammo/sono!


  1. So glad you're done with it...now I better schedule mine.
    xxxx from your pal, Bib. :)

  2. Hi Bib......I am glad that I am done with it too and so happy to hear that you are going to schedule yours. It's not that bad.....I promise!........Elyse


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