Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ladies.......there is much controversy over Hormone Replacement Therapy I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I know that some of us ladies over fifty have and have had very uncomfortable symptoms from menopause.  I know some women whose symptoms have been unbearable and had no choice but to go on HRT.  As you know I had Stage 0 Breast Cancer eleven years ago.  I took Tamoxifen for five years which put me into an early menopause.  For a few years I had HOT HOT FLASHES!  I was able to get by with a small hand held fan and ice packs.  I still have an occassional hot flash but the worst is over.  I'm glad about that because there was no way that my oncologist was going to prescribe HRT for me! 

Lately I am debating with myself whether or not to use a vaginal estrogen cream.  I am told that it is CPR for the vagina!  Two weeks on the cream and you are as good as new!  Sounded so great to me!  I called my oncologist (who I no longer see - after the five years of being on the Tamoxifen I no longer had to see him.)  I called him even though I don't see him anymore.  He said that it was not a good idea to use an estrogen cream.  I was not happy with that answer.  My gynecologist on the other hand said that I should definitely use the cream.  I did like his answer better but am still hesitating because it is estrogen and it will get absorbed into my bloodstream.  My gynecologist said that there is a lot to be said for quality of life and that it would be only a small amount that would be absorbed.  So the verdict is still out for me.  I'm not sure what to do but am leaning towards using the estrogen cream.  My mom was on HRT.  My mom  passed away from cancer.  I blame HRT for giving my mother cancer.  I could be totally wrong and I don't want to scare people that are using HRT.  I know women that are getting amazing relief from HRT. 
 Now that I think about it, when I was in my twenties I had a problem with my hormones and was prescribed estrogen and provera.  I took both for six months.  Using the estrogen fixed my hormonal imbalance.  It worked great but maybe this treatment caused my intraductal carcinoma.  Maybe it didn't.  I will never know. 
 It is a wonderful thing (I think) that a woman can receive a therapy that can alleviate such uncomfortable symptoms.  Like I said.....even though I had breast cancer I probably will use an estrogen cream one of these days.
What do you think about HRT?

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