Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lower Your Cholesterol With Great Tasting Snacks

Hi Ladies.......
Just a Healthy Eating Tip to help lower cholesterol.......
It is important to choose whole foods that are rich in fiber and plant based nutrients as well as complex carbohydrates.
The following snacks are loaded with nutrients and also keep hunger away.  They have zero cholesterol and fewer calories and fat!

  • Sunflower Seeds 
  • Nuts : Walnuts, almonds, peanuts,  etc.  Nuts are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals!
  • Soy Nuts and edamame 
  • Hummus and veggies:  Hummus is made of garbanzo beans which has been shown to lower both total cholesterol and LDL ("bad" cholesterol).  Hummus is so great with raw veggies such as carrots, broccoli, red, yellow, or green peppers and cauliflower.
             Top 12  Phyto Foods :  (Plant Based)
  1. Soy                                        7. Melon
  2. Tomatoes                              8.  Pink Grapefruit
  3. Broccoli                                 9.  Blueberries
  4. Garlic                                   10.  Sweet Potatoes
  5. Flax Seeds                          11.  Chile Peppers
  6. Citrus                                   12.  Legumes  (beans and lentils)
Want something sweet to eat?
Try freezing grapes!  (Rinse and place in freezer bag and freeze for an hour).
Personally, I love cold grapes from the frig!

some info taken from ecomii.com

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