Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some helpful tips for us ladies over fifty

Pull up the eyes with a scarf: If you're suffering from a little tummy-bulge, a scarf can be a great way to draw onlooker's eyes upwards. Just be sure that your scarf isn't hanging too low - the emphasis should be up at the neckline. 
(Please see my post on ten second crunch!) 

Camoflaging dark circles: When choosing an under-eye concealer, go one shade darker than your skin tone. You want the area to recede - not stand out, as that emphasizes baggy eyes.
(Don't go too dark.....we need some brightness!)
Halloween is over: Yes, we've seen the luscious plum lips on models this season, but it's not the best choice of colour for thinning lips. Choose softer colours for a fuller look.
( I love nude tones with neutral lip liner.)
Just a few tips from More magazine with some comments from me!

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