Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ladies......Let's Exfoliate!!!!!

Did you ever look down at your legs and to your dismay they resembled the scales of a fish?  Well, this is from  the build up of dead skin cells.  The skin is constantly creating new skin cells at the dermis which is the lower layer of the skin.  The cells then travel up to the upper layer of skin which is called the epidermis.  When the cells travel to the epidermis they begin to die and fill with keratin.  These cells give our skin its protective quality.   Then these skin cells slough off to make room for new younger cells........So, it is a cycle.  But as we age this process of cell turnover slows down and makes our skin look scaly, dry, rough and dull.  If we exfoliate then we can speed up the process of cell turnover and reveal younger, smoother, brighter looking skin!  Also when you exfoliate your skin any face product you use such as a serum will get absorbed more efficiently and therefore work better!
  There are two different means to exfoliate.  One is mechanical and the other is chemical.  Mechanical is when for example you would use a loofah or a scrub to exfoliate.  Dermabrasion (actually microdermabrasion) is another type of mechanical exfoliation. (Be careful not to overdo dermabrasion because it can make older skin look even thinner.  So space your treatments accordingly.)  Chemical exfoliation means just that.   Enzymes, alphahydroxy acids or betahydroxy acids are used.  There are different strengths of chemical peels.   For example, your dermatologist can give you a mild acne peel.  This peel will reveal a fresher complexion.  You can receive a series of these mild peels.  But certainly do not overdo it.  Let your doctor be your guide.   And don't get a peel by one doctor and then go home and do a home peel.  There is such a thing as doing too much.  If you overdo it you can remove too much of the protective layer of your skin. Your skin can become dry and raw.   Never wax after having a peel and do not sit in the sun after having a chemical peel.  Your skin can then be more easily damaged by the sun.  
To exfoliate the skin on your body you can use a body brush or loofah.  These you can use every day.  You can also use a body scrub.  It is safe to exfoliate a few times a week with a scrub,  but all skin is different so know your skin type.  Also remember, do not exfoliate your face with the same products that you would use on your body. 
If done right exfoliation will give you a youthful, healthy glow! 

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