Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Madonna and Ellen Barkin.....Looking Great!


The New Thirty
Fifty is the new thirty, yeah, we know, blah blah blah. It’s nice in theory, but how many over 50 ladies can really prove it? Well – these two can. Madonna and Ellen Barkin both attended Tom Ford’s New York screening of “A Single Man,” hosted by the Cinema Society at the Museum of Modern Art. Both wore chic black ensembles, had killer hair, and look mind-blowingly good. We love Madonna’s new Anna Wintour look of donning super dark glasses at night. Well, she’s Madonna – she can do anything she damn pleases. And, well, we love her shoes. And her coat. Madonna’s stylist Arianne Phillips did the costumes for Mr. Ford’s movie – and she’s also been known to dress Julianne Moore, who is in the movie. Yes, those chic New York ladies all wear black – why wouldn’t they? To a Tom Ford event?

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