Saturday, December 31, 2011

Have a Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year.  I'm not one to party on New Year's Eve.  Dinner and TV works for me!  Whatever you do have fun and be safe.
 What IS special about New Year's Eve to me is that it is my father's birthday.  He was born within minutes of 12:00 so on his birth certificate his birthday is listed as January 1.  Happy Birthday Dad!!!

                     I took the videos below of Lord & Taylor's windows.
 I think I moved my phone around too much so I hope that you don't get dizzy
      but the windows are really pretty.  Hope you enjoy them.


Silent Movie

I just saw "The Artist" starring Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo.  John Goodman also stars in it.  
 It was done as a silent movie as it was about a silent movie star.  Great movie.  So cleverly done.  I highly recommend it.  

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Beatles.....sing in Yiddish.

This is really cute! The Beatles singing "A hard day's night" in Yiddish.

Credits go to Gerry Tenney (singer)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baking for the holidays

My daughter, my niece and myself baked sugar cookies for the holidays.  We actually used Pillsbury sugar cookie rolls and added flour to roll out the dough.

A great quote by John Lennon!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vino 100

Hi ladies,
There is no gift more perfect than a bottle of red or a bottle of white.  Who doesn't like to unwind and enjoy a meal with a glass of wine!?!  
In the town of Oceanside, Long Island there is a unique wine shop called
 Vino 100.  They offer 100 great wines for $25 or less. What a great selection of great tasting wines and champagnes!  Each week they display "The wine of the week."  I find that very helpful!   And everything is wrapped to perfection.  Whatever the occasion your gift of wine will make a great presentation!

How creative is this Christmas tree?

Vino 100  is located at 3179 Long Beach Road
Oceanside, New York 

Five foods that fight a hangover

Hi ladies,
I hope that you are having a nice holiday season.  I know there are lots of celebrations between Christmas, Chanukah and New Year's Eve.   Have fun but please party sensibly this holiday season.  Drink and eat in moderation.  No good comes from drinking too much.  It is really unhealthy to do so.  
With that being said here are some helpful tips for a hangover. (which I hope you do not get!!!)

1. Chicken noodle soup
Always a healer.  You need the fluid because you are dehydrated.  Chicken soup has sodium and when you have a hangover your electrolytes(which includes sodium) are depleted.  If you don't like soup then start drinking gatorade.  I'd rather  the soup!


2. Salmon
Salmon contains B6 and omega-3s.  These nutrients may help alleviate some of your hangover discomforts.  Such an important food for just staying healthy!

3. Fruit
 It was once said that fructose, a simple sugar found in fruit, clears alcohol faster from your body.  This was actually never proven but if fruit makes you feel better than eat it anyway.  I know that when I don't feel well I love to eat a cold orange and cold apples.  For some reason this make me feel better.

4. Gingerbread cookies
One of the main ingredients in gingerbread cookies is ginger, which is a root that helps ease gastric problems.  Studies have found that ginger is effective in easing the symptoms of stomach pain and nausea.

5. Any liquid without caffeine
Soup, water and caffeine-free teas and drinks are important to reverse dehydration, which causes headaches.




6. Cold cereal
  Alcohol reduces the intestinal absorption of dietary folate.  The cereal might not make you feel better the next morning but it does contain folic acid, a man-made form of folate which is important for keeping yourself healthy.

Do you have any hangover tips?  (Remember, have fun but be safe!)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Have a great weekend and a happy holiday!

Hi my ladies,
Whatever holiday you celebrate have a good one!  Peace, health and happiness!!!!!!

Please watch this awesome man and then let's be thankful for all that we have this holiday season!


Lifestyle habits

 Here is a list of some lifestyle habits that we need to adopt?  So far the researchers have isolated nine:
  • Stop eating when you’re 80 percent full  (try not to walk away from the table feeling stuffed)
  • Eat more veggies, less protein and fewer processed foods  (although I like protein-needed to build muscle)
  • Drink red wine, in moderation  (I drink white)
  • Have a sense of purpose in life
  • Maintain a spiritual or religious belief system
  • Work less, slow down, take vacations  (this could be a hard one)
  • Make physical movement a vital part of each day  (this is hard also but must be done)
  • Create a healthy social network   (have friends)
  • Make family a priority 
A pretty good guideline.

Ladies, what do you think of this list?  What would you add?


What will you be wearing for the holiday season?

Fashion this time of year is all about the glitz.    The holiday season is the perfect time to shine!   Holiday time is all about bold colors, sheer materials and just about anything over the top. You can be subtle or go all out.  I love sparkle.  Do you?  How much sparkle would you wear?

Michael Kors


Kate Spade


Baby Phat


Glitter polish by deborah lippmann

Stuart Weitzman
Adriano Goldschmied


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Walking in NYC during the holiday season

Saks Fifth Avenue's Windows

Rockefeller Center

                                                   More store windows 

                                                St. Patrick's Cathedral

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