Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Calcium Controversy

Ladies.........We need Calcium!!!!!  But what is the proper way to get it?  I wrote a post on how important calcium is for ladies over fifty.  But now, even though it is still so important,  I am hearing that too much calcium can be harmful.  Needless to say I am slightly confused.  I have osteopenia which is the predecessor to osteoporosis.  It is very important to stop the progression of bone loss and to reverse it.  Which can absolutely be done!  (Please read my post on calcium.)  I have learned that calcium alone is not enough!  For the body to absorb calcium you must also be taking in  adequate amounts of Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6.   (you must get your levels checked by having a blood test).   If you are deficient in any of these than you may as well not take calcium because it will not get absorbed properly.  Now when I think about it......I have osteopenia, but maybe that is because I have been very Vitamin D deficient.  My body probably has not been absorbing calcium because it had no assistance being that I lacked Vitamin D.  I don't know if that is why there seems to be an issue with calcium and calcifications.  Is it because the calcium is not getting absorbed properly.  So if the calcium is not getting absorbed properly then where is it going?  Is it depositing calcium in places where it should not be?  In soft tissue?  In arteries?    If this is the case then are we  increasing our risk of heart attack?
 I don't believe that there are any conclusive studies that show that calcium supplements can cause heart problems.  But I believe that this issue is being revisited because there is obvious concern.  Women who have no reason or risk to have a heart event and still did are blaming it on their taking calcium supplements.  Right now I think that there definitely is a Calcium Controversy. Maybe the problem is related to the other ingredients in this mix. We think that we are Calcium deficient but in fact we are also Vitamin D deficient or Magnesium deficient, etc.   Calcium needs assistance to get absorbed into our bodies.  It is a joint effort. (No pun intended.)   I believe that the best way to get Calcium and for that matter all of our vitamins is through good eating.  We should try to eat foods that are calcium-rich and magnesium rich.  And then what we don't get from our diet we would get from a supplement.  But you don't want to take in more then you need.  We have to figure out how much calcium we are getting from food and then supplement that if we need to.  There are guidelines as to what we, as women over fifty,  should be taking everyday.  Our total calcium intake should be between 1200 - 1500mg daily.  I believe that is total.  Not supplemental. ???????  
We want to have strong bones but we also need to have a healthy heart.  The verdict is still out on this issue.  Ladies......what have you heard concerning this.......please post comments.   Thank you! 



  1. Chances are the calcium supplement you are taking now is a rock source of calcium. The label will say "calcium carbonate", which is nothing more than limestone. AlgaeCal Plus contains an organic, plant-sourced calcium form derived from a unique South American marine algae called Algas Calcareas™.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Will look at the info on AlgaeCal Plus. Yes, it would make sense to want calcium from a natural source as opposed to limestone. Seems that the calcium issue is a little bit more involved then just adding calcium.


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