Friday, January 28, 2011

Extend Your Lashes!!!

Written by Wendy Joy

Have you seen the long, full luscious lashes on all the celebrities out there??? Are you wondering what kind of mascara they use?  I did!  I also have been at many New York City dinners looking at the woman across the table and thought "what kind of mascara does she use?" or maybe I just thought "wow she looks so young and awake".  On evenings like that one I left the house feeling pretty good and as usual had put on my two coats of jet black mascara, but still I looked tired and underdone in comparison to the woman across the table with the luscious lashes!
 I have a good friend that is always giving me hints on the latest beauty secrets........and this hint came just in time.  I needed a lift.  My friend never tells me these things in a big sit down way, but in a quick off the cuff "just get it done" way.  One quick phone call included what colleges we were considering for our sons,  how our dads were doing,  and "oh by the way, get eyelash extensions!". I obviously trust this friend so the very next day i called and made my appointment. Now I'm calling you up on the phone, my friend, and telling you to give it a try!
I live in New York City so I went to "Ebenezer Eyelash"  (This is where my friend goes).  There are places all over and they offer this service at all different prices so it is important to do your homework. "Ebenezer"  is supposed to be the budget salon for these extensions as there are places on the upper east side that charge in the hundreds for one visit.  My first visit to Ebenezer was about  $90.00......maybe $100.00, but, if you go every two to three weeks it is less. With that said,  it is not cheap but you will probably get addicted.

I walked in the first time to see table after table lined up with woman lying down on them, almost factory style. Some had head sets on, some not, but everyone looked very relaxed. Ebenezer is always booked and it's rare that you see an empty table. You walk in, and are introduced to the person that will do your extensions. The extensions are applied individually.  Each synthetic lash is applied to your own natural lash strand by strand. Different lengths and levels of fullness are offered, but the first time they prefer to give you medium lashes so you will have a chance to adjust to your new look.  I have been doing it for a year now and I still keep mine at a medium length. I'm not trying to look like Kim Kardashian,  I just want to have nice full lashes. Yet I don't want to go overboard.   I hear woman asking for very long and very dramatic lashes and I hear some asking for short or medium. I have had medium with a little longer on the ends and I make sure that I get the ones with a bit of a curl.  The great thing is that you can choose the look you want.
After you lie down the technician puts tape on your eyes and begins the process.  It feels like an eyelash massage and you usually end up falling asleep.  I have trouble falling asleep at night and I never nap, but here I fall asleep no matter what.  Sometimes I tell myself "no sleeping" but you drift off. It is so relaxing that you can't help it. Sometimes I find myself waking up mid-snore and I pretend that i'm if I have something to prove.... or i'll touch my stomach or shoulder just to show that I am awake....only to drift off again. If only the technician could apply these lashes every night when it's time to go to bed. My sleeping issues would be solved!!!   Anyway, you wake up about an hour later to a new, beautiful set of lashes.  You cannot get the lashes wet for 24 hours so no showering or steamy baths. I find that my lashes look great for  three weeks.  I usually go back about every three to four weeks.   I have wanted to stop but I can't.  I am addicted! 
 Now I leave the house with a little lip gloss and my new lashes and I feel great.  I wake up looking like I have mascara on. Let's just say that I am very used to this new look and for now I am a big fan. I have to go now to book my next appointment!  Maybe I will see you there!

Ebenezer has two locations......32 West 32nd Street --- 4th Floor and 474 7th Avenue --- 6th Floor
 Payment is cash only!                                  


  1. I am absolutely going to try eyelash extensions. I am so curious after reading about your positive experience. I will let you know how I like them!

  2. so people not care that the glue comes from Korea and is not FDA approved. These are your eyes after all

    1. You have a very good point if indeed the glue is not FDA approved!
      Thank you for your comment!

    2. I was going steady for over 2 years, I loved them. I referred so many of my friends. We all loved the look, but there is something in the glue that irrates the eyes. One of my friends had to see a doctor and get prescription eye drops.

  3. I think that women should think twice before doing this. Your eyes are a lot more important than having long lashes. xoxo

  4. I have been going for 3 years and absolutely love them! If it doesn't agree with you....simply stop and keep it moving. There's always a negative Nancy to rain on the parade =/


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