Friday, January 14, 2011

What Unhealthy Thing Can I give up For A Week

Hi Ladies.....
We all do something or eat something that is not the best for us.  It could be smoking or eating french fries every day or drinking diet coke every day (that is what I do).  What might it be that you do that you would like not to do or eat?  But, yes it is sooo hard to stop!  Please post what you would like to try to give up and let's figure out what we can put in its  place as a substitute.  It might not be exactly the same but maybe it is something that we can get used to and actually like!  Please post suggestions!!!!!!
I tried to give up my diet lemon snapple and diet coke but did not have much luck.  Diet coke and diet lemon snapple both contain Aspartame which is definitely not good for you.  And we all know that eating a lot of fried foods is not good.  So how can we give something up for at least a week?  Maybe after the week we won't crave it as much.

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