Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebs In Style

Anna Wintour........great look!
I really get upset when I look in fashion magazines and ALMOST ALL of the models are 25 years old. As a woman over fifty I would love to see models (or more models) who are over fifty.  I would love to look at how someone my age wears different styles.    I'm not saying that I don't enjoy looking at fashion on someone younger, but, I am almost 57 years old and would LOVE to see the styles that are out there modeled on women in my age category.

Helen Mirren.......always elegant!
So,  for now, here are some celebs, who can certainly be models, wearing some extremely in style fashion.  Let's take a cue from these stylish ladies over fifty. 
 Fashion over fifty is beautiful and exciting!!!  Have fun with style!  Wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in!    
Judith Light looks like a dream in this gown!
A sophisticated Madonna
Glenn Close on the Red Carpet
A very sexy Kim Cattrall

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