Friday, February 18, 2011

Celebs on Menopause

Suzanne Somers
Actress and fitness guru Suzanne Somers has been telling us how to be healthier since she first brought us the Thighmaster in the 80s. Now, in a more controversial move, she’s urging us to use bioidentical hormones to combat the effects of menopause. In a 2004Today Show, she bemoaned the "seven dwarfs of menopause," which she called "itchy, bitchy, sweaty, sleepy, bloated, forgetful and all dried up."

Cheryl Ladd
For actress Cheryl Ladd it was hard to accept that she was entering menopause when she began experiencing mood swings and skin changes. In a 2002 interview she said, "I considered myself informed on health matters and thought I could handle menopause without too much trouble. Only later did I realize that this was another form of denial." Ladd revealed that she decided to use hormone therapy (HT) because "eventually my mood swings got to a point that my husband asked me to please speak with the doctor."

In a 2001 interview with O, The Oprahmagazine, the Divine Miss M revealed, "I did have night sweats and hot flashes at first. Then I did this soy-and-primrose oil thing, which helped tremendously. I don’t suggest anyone obsess over menopause and aging. Still, it is true that in this culture, they throw you out when you get older. I see it all the time, especially in my business. At my age, you’re playing somebody’s mother-and there aren’t even a lot of those roles!"           

Pal Rosie O’Donnell implied in a 2009 interview on the Tyra Banks Show that Madge has already dealt with menopause, and had imparted some wisdom to the comedian. "She‘s [Madonna] great, she’s a lot like a big sister. When I started having my hormone things, I’m like ‘What the hell is going on?’ She’s like ‘get the cream.’"

Whoopi Goldberg
When Whoopi Goldberg suffered a lengthy hot flash on a 2008 episode ofThe View fanning herself, she shared how she can’t stand the way her underwear sticks to her. In another interview, she said, "I’m up, down, hot, cold, I’m all over the place. My sex drive has totally changed. One minute I’m like ‘yeah I can’t wait for it.’ The next I’m saying ‘Oh God, go away.’"

Cybill Shepherd
Shepherd initially thought of her hot flashes as "sort of fun power surgers." She also said, "I was the first baby boomer to have a prime-time hot flash." But, later she admitted the hot flashes became "really intense and not much fun." In 2004, Shepherd made fun of her situation in a hilarious song and video aptly named The Menopause Blues where she belts out her sufferings while helplessly trying to cool off.

I'm not sure who to give credit to for this article.  I think that I found it in "More Magazine".
Ladies.....What is your take on menopause??????   I'm going to get the cream!!!!!


  1. Your post just made me realize that at the end of the day, there is no difference between a celebrity and a commoner like us. We all face the same music of hot flashes, ugly mood swings and night sweats. Just like Cheryl, it was my startled husband who pushed me to visit a doctor. It wasn’t surprising as my usual calm cool self was turning into a nervous wreck. My sympathetic doctor immediately suggested Femestra. In addition to Femestra, I followed my doctor’s advice of replacing unending cups of caffeine with plain and flavored water. At the end of the month I started observing a significant reduction in menopause symptoms. Now after a couple of months of small lifestyle changes along with my loyal “menopause pill”, I am in agreement with these beautiful ladies that “life indeed begins at fifty”. So come on girls rather than feeling self pity and snapping off the heads of your loved ones, battle menopause successfully with Femestra pills.

  2. Alice, thank you for your comment! You are so right, we are no different from the celebs, we all face the same life challenges, whether it be relationships, exercise, diet or menopause, etc. It is so wonderful that you found relief from a product. I will check out Femestra. Does it contain estrog
    en? There are woman, like myself, who have had breast cancer so cannot take estrogen from a pill. Lifestyle changes are so important! Certain estrogen creams are also okay if a woman has had cancer. And there always is that faithful icepack!!!!


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