Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Day With Tim Gunn by Barbara Newman


"I work in a youthful, creative business," Barbara Newman, 55, explains. "I know I dress too young, but I don’t know how to choose things that are more sophisticated without feeling like I’ve lost my sense of self." Gunn instructs Newman to limit the prints, try fitted tops and look for "jacket alternatives" that are stylish but not stuffy. "You can look youthful," he says, "but still have polish."

Barbara before Tim Gunn

P.S.  This is a very good friend of mine!  We actually know each other since the 7th grade!  Please see my post on our reconnecting after so many years!!!! (Friends From The Past).  I think that Barbara looks great in her before and her after!  They are two different looks.  I think that we should wear what we feel comfortable in and what looks good to us when we look in the mirror.  If we truly want help with what to wear then it is fine to look for guidance but if you are happy with what you choose then wear your clothes proudly!  

Barbara After Her Day With Tim Gunn
(Very chic.......but this is not how I see my friend Barbara dressing every day, or myself as well)

After-Work Chic

Newman’s own leopard top is too sheer for day, but under a jacket it gives "just the right punch of print," Gunn says. The trench is a classic style, but this shrunken version "is more youthful, in keeping with Newman’s personality." Lacoste jacket, Jones New York skirt, Lauren by Ralph Lauren belt, Urban Posh earrings.

Barbara told me that Tim Gunn was amazing!  She was treated like a princess for the day!  Hopefully she will comment!

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  1. Of course I'll comment! Not only is Tim Gunn a great guy whose fame hasn't gone to his head, but this was probably one of the most unforgettable days of my life. From being picked up in a limo to getting the star treatment at the shoot, the whole day was a major boost for my ego.

    Since my makeover, I've been more conscious of my hemlines. Tim advised against short skirts, but I beg to differ in some cases -- although I will never go really short at this point. He also despises leggings which I absolutely love. I guess my point is, that advice is great, but you still have to make your look your own. Think about what's suitable for your age/body type but have fun, too.


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