Friday, February 4, 2011

Today is Wear Red Day!

Did you know that more women die in the U.S. as a result of heart disease than as a result of other medical conditions? That’s why Wear Red Day 2011 was created, as a part of the Go Red for Women Campaign to raise awareness on the issue of heart disease in women as a major cause of death.  
Taken from TPI News

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  1. I am aware of this; but I don't get 1 thing. If, like my mom you get old, have a lot wrong with you or not and die in your sleep then your death certificate says heart failure. Do they include those cases in the numbers or is it women who actually suffer heart problems, high cholesterol or COPD that are included in the statistics? If dying in your sleep is in the numbers doesn't it kind of make sense that the #1 killer of women is heart disease? I asked my show me studies of women's heart disease and cholesterol b/c i don't want to take statins. Now I need to research this! I am already doing intense research to find the best yogurt largely b/c of another blog you wrote. Found out I was eating the totally wrong kind! BTW, I switched to Yoplait original and/or thick and creamy for now. The Dannon I was eating was not as good and has artificial sweetener. I rather have natural sugars which is in the Yoplait. If they are really going to tax products with sugar(another study) I may have to leave the country! Still researching. I may be a cynic or maybe this sounds ignorant. I just question what "they" report or advise. Despite this, I did wear red today!


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