Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Avon.........and Jacqueline Bisset!

Jacqueline Bisset is the New Spokeswoman for Avon's Anew Platinum Line.  Jacqueline Bisset is 66 years old.  Finally a  major brand that got it right!!!  This is what us ladies over fifty want to see.  This is what we can relate to.  Not an ad showing a thirty year old using anti-aging skin care  products.  How does that tell me that a product is going to work on my almost  57 year old face.  Jacqueline Bisset has already said that she sees a difference in her skin from using the Anew Platinum Line.  That makes me want to try it!  It's real!  If It works for someone in my age category then it could work for me!
Avon ......you are sending a great message........Ladies over Fifty everywhere applaud you!!!

 “I am excited to be working with Avon on the ANEW Platinum Collection , as it specifically addresses the needs of women with my skincare concerns,” reveals ANEW Platinum spokesperson Jacqueline Bisset. “I want a skincare product that makes my skin look as young as I feel. ANEW Platinum helps recapture the definition and tone of younger skin.”

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