Saturday, March 19, 2011

Catherine Canino Jewelry

By Wendy Joy

Don't think I'm weird, but I was never that into jewelry. Whenever I was with my friends, and they would freak out over a beautiful bracelet or ring in the window of a jewelry store, I could have fallen asleep. I didn't really think about it that much and bought myself the occasional fun piece just to feel like i was co- existing with the rest of the planet. An awful necklace here.....a semi-cute pair of earring there and voila ( I say that a lot when I write) I was a jewelry person. But in fact I was a fake, a fraud,  a phony. A successful day of style for me when I was young, was when I got to wear my best friends old overalls to school. Really, I'm not kidding. That combined with a T-shirt underneath and my black clogs and I was good to go!

As I got older my style evolved....thank goodness. If not for that I would be on a makeover show for sure. I moved to NYC when I was in college and that alone is a crash course in "getting your act together".....and I did. I was about 20 years old when I had it figured out and I began to understand style and more specifically my own personal style. Don't get me wrong, I am forever learning and forever evolving, but I was good.

OMG!!!  Why do I have to write my whole life story when all I want to tell you is that my cool friend (beyond the fashion industry cool!) bought me a necklace for my birthday two years ago. Where do I begin? First of all, let me tell you that I got very excited!!! What was happening??? It was a silver and black leather (yes, I said black leather) necklace with a pearl and leather clasp. The necklace itself is intertwined in a box sort of stitch that is beautiful. When I wear it I get stopped on the street. I live in New York City and I am certainly no trend setter (my friend is) but when I wear this necklace I get comments from everyone. Everyone meaning, managers at Barneys, models that I meet in restaurants,  or the random person that literally stops me in my tracks!  And yes, I give it all up and tell everyone that  my friend gave it to me as a gift....I should just smile and say thank you and feel like I'm the coolest,  even if it's for a moment.

Well of course I told my friend how much I loved this necklace and she could kind of tell because I literally never took it off (still don't). So being the nice person that she is, she bought me another one for my next birthday. Actually, she came to my house with two for me to choose from and I couldn't. So she gave me one as a gift and I bought the other one for myself. This is not the kind of jewelry you can walk away from. The style and quality are amazing and every piece is fun and exciting! One necklace was a rawhide rope with dangling sterling silver charms. The rope was knotted in such a way that you can adjust the necklace to any length you want. Beautiful!!! The other necklace was two silver charms dangling from a silver beaded chain. My son's girlfriend was here that day and couldn't take her eyes off of it....I love it was hers! She doesn't take it off either and she is a 21 year old fashion forward kind of girl.  She always looks beautiful so for me this was the ultimate compliment.       

Here's the deal. Every piece is a work of art. The designer, Catherine Canino makes it all by hand along with her staff in Long Island and New York City. Her attention to detail is remarkable and I can promise you from a converted non jewelry will love every piece. Of course you will find your favorites, but you can't help admire the style and uniqueness in all of her work. When you wear Catherine's earrings,  necklaces,  bracelets and more....your cool factor will go way up! You can wear your plain tee shirt and jeans and put on one of her ultra cool leather and silver bracelets and your whole look changes in an instant. Or you can be so on top of your game style wise and totally appreciate how her jewelry shakes things up a bit. Either have to check it out!!!

Now I'm off to buy another pair of earrings......oh and the prices are reasonable!

You can visit Catherine Canino's Website here!  

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