Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going To The Movies.......alone?!?

By Wendy Joy

I just wanted to see "Marley & Me"  No big deal.  I love Jennifer Aniston and I love dogs. I would pass by the theatre and see the big juicy movie poster and the big bold letters up on the marquee.  "Marley & Me."
I had no one to see this movie with and my boys are well past the age of seeing movies with me.  "Marley & Me"  yup!   

I was walking home one day from the health food store with a couple of light bags.  Of course I walked right by the theatre on 64th and 2nd and there it was! I checked the time and it was starting in a few minutes!  Fate!  I needed to make a move!   I went numb... and before I knew it my feet were taking me into the theatre......ALONE!   I had never seen a movie alone before.  Isn't that for people who are alone?  There I was with my grocery bags (nothing perishable) on line at the theatre.  There were a few people in front of me and I already knew I had to take action.  I looked at my cell phone and pretended I was meeting someone there!  Perfect plan!  Getting up to the ticket booth is the most difficult...."one for Marley & Me"  I wanted to tell the person in the ticket booth  that my invisible friend would be coming in a second and paying for her own ticket!  

Omg!  I was busy........I had to go to the bathroom (with grocery disgusting), buy popcorn and find a seat alone!!!  Luckily the movie was just starting so the lights were low and people were one could take pity on me and I could find a seat away from the crowd.  (Five people.)   I took my aisle seat, put my jacket next to me and there I the movies!  Should I call people and tell them??

 I needed to share the news with a few people while the previews were on ....I texted my best friend and said "I'm at the movies alone!"  I'm sure she was thrilled beyond belief, completely blown away....... I know I felt it! I acted confident and cool in case anyone looked my way.  I was strong!

As soon as the movie ended my jacket was on so fast I didn't know what happened.  You can't sit there alone and watch the credits.......Unless you are going to pretend that your friend wrote, directed or starred in the movie and that is the reason you had to check it out with your grocery bags alone in the middle of the day.  Otherwise you bolt!

You are supposed to leave Marley & Me in tears, but I was smiling because of my huge accomplishment.
   Now I get to see every chick flick there is! 

Basic tips are as follows:
  • Don't go opening weekend. (you need to have no more than 20 people in the theater with you)
  • Go when the previews have started. (low lights and seat positioning) 
  • Bring a sweater or stuffed animal in case you have to use the bathroom. (leaving nothing behind could look like a total exit) 
  • And if you see someone you know on the line just tell them you are there to check out the times for you and your husband/friend/date for later that evening!!!  Then leave and try another day.
Opening Weekend...for professionals only!


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