Saturday, March 5, 2011

LA Indulgence.........Indulge Yourself!!!



Look at this new and exciting line out of LA!    Shower in style in one of these beautiful shower caps!  Each shower cap has the signature satin rose of LA Indulgence.  The shower caps are bouffant size, hand washable and hang dry.  They are either  made of a light weight vinyl or satin with a plastic lining and all have the so stylish polyester satin Signature Rose.  What an amazing gift!  Each shower cap comes in its own gift bag!
Ladies......these gorgeous shower caps were designed by one of us......a lady over fifty!   How creative she is!  These shower caps are not only so stylish and different they are also so durable and protective that not a strand of hair will get wet!
To view and shop these fabulous shower caps visit LA Indulgence here!  
        Don't get caught with a wet head!

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