Saturday, March 12, 2011

Strong Core.....Strong You!

Ladies......It is so important that we have strong core muscles.  A strong core gives you the ability to perform everyday activities with ease of movement and with much less chance of injury. Everyday activities means something as simple as carrying a bag of groceries, reaching for a plate in the cabinet, bending down to pick something up, lifting a child or keeping yourself steady on an unsteady surface, etc.  Your core is the center of your body.  Think of your core as your body minus your extremities.    Without a strong  core your extremities will not perform well.  This means that you might have trouble moving around easily.  So, it is so important that we strengthen our core muscles.  Doing abdominal exercises alone is not good enough.  We must also strengthen our back which consists of different muscle groups. Please watch the following video with Martina Navratilova showing us some great core exercises!

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