Thursday, March 24, 2011

My New Cell Phone!

It's like I was Amish!
    By Wendy Joy

It's like I was Amish! All of you have had your blackberry's and your iphones for a long time now. I've seen you with them on the street and at restaurants! I would pick up your phones and look at them with a combination of fear and excitement. Truth be told I was completely intimidated by you and your phones! I would get mad at myself and others(what's up with that?) for not having an updated version even though I was asked by my husband to go for a new phone every Saturday for the past three years. "I'll go I said".....but I love my phone and it works just fine. Truth be told again I felt like a non-person because I could not get e-mail on my phone. I would rush home at the end of the day or in the middle of the day to check my e-mails! Sick! I was pissed off that my phone was not a smart phone but I still loved it and I was afraid of change.

My phone was so cute!

 My phone had a nice keyboard that was big and easy and perfect for a toddler.  It was mine. I defended it when people made fun of it and they only did that because I brought it up.....or when we went out to eat and everyone put their phones on the table and I put my dinosaur down. It was like "omg what phone is that?" Sometimes for a second someone actually thought it was a new phone that they had missed but that was a short lived moment and then I was a loser again with the oldest phone in the world. I didn't even get the updates on this know, newer versions of the kiddie phone..... started to fall apart!
  Then it started to fall apart. It was somehow locked and I could only dial it when the flip top was open......then I had to close it fast to talk so it wouldn't be on speaker. Or if I was fidgeting with it and it was open and someone called it was like they were just beamed in and could talk to me......omg! Get a new phone!  So last Saturday I was out for lunch with my husband and once again he asked me to go get a new phone and I said that I would look to see if the store was busy. I would just go and see if there was a line....if there was a line I was out of there!  We got line.
I was hoping for a line like this!
With fear I walked up to the salesman and I could tell he was not going to have much patience for my "omg I'm so used to my old phone kind of crap." No, I had to be strong right off the bat. I could not show any sign of weakness. I pretty much made up my mind before I went in (only because I had 100 years to think it over and question the entire universe) that I was going to get the iPhone. I bit the bullet and just bought it. I asked the not so patient salesman to tell me the basics and he told me that I could take a course at the apple store! I don't want to take a course. I just want to use the phone. He taught me a few things and the rest I taught myself. I had to go back once or twice for things I absolutely had no idea of but for the most part I've got it down now. The keyboard can be rough at first... when typing to my friend about her daughter "Nicole" I wrote "Mickey" or as my sister told me she asked her friend to do "weed" for dinner instead of "Wednesday" for dinner. Spell check can be tricky and dangerous. Besides that I am in love!

 I don't know how I lived without this phone!!! What was wrong with me? One week later and I am obsessed! I can't live without taking a picture of everything that is going on during the day and sending it to my friends, father and mother-in-law. "Look I'm wearing the new earrings you bought me" picture! And can I just flip out now all over this page about "Face time"!!!! There are no words. My sister was in florida for the winter (OY!)  Right before she left to come back to N.Y. I got my new  iPhone and she asked me to "Face time". Face time...what is Face time..... omg! It was like holding her little head in my hand and talking to her! Are you kidding me???? I can take that little cutie head with me everywhere I go now.....ok maybe not, but the possibilities are endless. I love my new phone. Love that I can get stock quotes, get on the web, check e-mails, and basically just live in this century.
My new iPhone can do anything!


  1. It's nice to know I'm not the only one still attached to my old phone. I love it and I don't want to part with it. This post was adorable....I may even go check out the iphone or the blackberry now.....Maybe.

  2. Me too! I am also attached to my old cell phone, but I too might look at the iphone or at least a phone that can take a picture!


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