Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fizz Away The Day!

By LA Indulgence

New Fortune Bath Fizzies
Good Fortune & Indulgence

New Fortune Bath Fizzies, and your shower cap. Everyone needs some time for relaxation in their busy day. LA Indulgence has a great new way to relax. Bath Fortune Fizzies are the perfect way to unwind from the hassles of the day. Each fortune fizzie is 2oz and made in the USA. There are 6 bath fizzies in each unique take-out gift container, Ooh la la lavender, Vanilla sugar and Honey oatmeal, all great for that soothing bath experience. Each fortune fizzie is individually shrink wrapped to protect each fizzie, ready to be used when you need that me time in the bath. Each fortune cookie will not only infuse the water with soothing oils and great fragrance, but will also impart words of wisdom for your well deserved me time, as every bath fizzie has a fortune inside. You can find them here, visit our shop.....

Put on that fabulous LA Indulgence shower cap, and partake in a relaxing experience. Dim the lights or light candles, put on some music and run a warm bath and drop a fortune fizzie in it. Step into the bath and you are surrounded by fizzie fragrant bubbles, fading away the stress of the day taking you to a serene place.

As you soak in your bath you can feel the oils nourish your skin to a smoothe silkiness and the fragrance in the air is so intoxicating.

This is just what you needed, some time for yourself to just get away from it all. Ahhhhh….

This makes a great unique gift for anyone thats needs some relaxation in their lives. Pair it with one of our LA Indulgence shower caps for that ultimate indulgent gift. Visit our shop.

 So whether its you that needs some indulgence or someone in your life, LA Indulgence can make that happen.

So relax & Indulge yourself….

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