Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get Me The 411!!!

My nephew just yelled at me because I dialed 411 to get a phone number. He could not believe  that I did not google it!  I do have to say that most of the time I do google for phone numbers.  And I am at the office at my desk in front of my computer which I am now typing this on, but, my finger went to the phone to dial or should I say press the buttons to dial.  Of course we don't dial phones anymore!  Remember how long it would take to dial a number especially if you were dialing the number 9 or calling the operator.  Yes, a person who actually answered the phone.  Even though she sounded like she had the worst stuffed nose!  Yet even though it took so long to dial.....I don't remember.....did we care or think about it?
I can't remember if my family had a black rotary phone like in the pic above but I do remember that we had a light blue one.  And I thought it was so cool when my parents bought me a princess phone.  My princess phone was blue although pink was an option. It was so beautiful!  No call-waiting, no answering machine, no call-back, no star 69, no caller ID, etc........just a phone to call my friend.....and if the line was busy I would have to call back later.  Not so terrible.  We survived!

Anyway, just wanted to share this little story with you all because my nephew could not believe that I was calling 411!  (Let's remember that my nephew is 27 and I am 57!)
 P.S. I just asked my brother a question about rotary phones and he couldn't remember something so what do you think my nephew said.......Right!!!!.............He said "Google it!"

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