Saturday, April 30, 2011

Under $100.00!

This I can wear out on a Saturday night or dress down during the day!
Just wanted to post a few more items from Express.  I really feel that this year I, as a woman over fifty, can shop at Express and have a selection to choose from at affordable prices! I love these pieces.

How pretty is this floral top!

Love these cropped leggings by Express.  You can unsnap them at the bottom if you want!
Cropped leggings by comfortable!
Both pair of leggings are called "Sexy Stretch"

These are the shoes that I bought at Payless.  I also bought them in a nude suede which I posted a few days ago.   They are great looking, comfortable and very affordable!  Girls, you have to check out Payless.  They really have great shoes!

Top, leggings and shoes are all under $100.00....combined!!!  That works for me!


  1. I had a birthday certificate from Express and didn't find a thing! And you found such great stuff; I'm jealous; enjoy. :)

  2. Hi BJ,
    Thanks for your comment! Maybe when you went they didn't have a lot. Right now they have really nice things! Do you still have your gift certificate? Check them out again!!!!!


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