Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sweet Dreams!

By Wendy Joy

I have had trouble falling asleep since I was a child.  When I was young I would map out my night like I was going on a camping trip.  I would pack a flashlight, a roll of toilet paper (we never had tissues), a blanket, pillow and a comic book. Off I would go to my parent's bedroom and try to get a spot on the floor on my father's side of the bed.  I would say he must have stepped on me about twice a week on his way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  My mother was the most incredible mother in the world.  She had more patience and kindness than anyone I have ever known.....When she woke you up in the morning it was with a big warm smile and hug.  When she said good night, she tucked you in just like you see in the movies!  I got a kiss, a hug,  an "I love you" and everything else a young child needs to be sent off into a great night's sleep.  She armed me with everything I needed to make that happen....but I couldn't!  So after a long day of tending to four children she just wanted (and needed) to sleep for a little while between the hours of 11:00 and 6:00!!!  "I don't think so!!"  "I am your daughter and this sleeping thing is hard."
So off I would go to the floor on my father's side of the bed because he didn't mind if I was I would crawl on the floor with the flashlight, toilet paper(very important), comic book(one never knows) and my blanket and pillow.  If my mom got up and said "what's that?" I would have to freeze on the floor for five minutes!!!  Not easy but hey, I had nothing else to do....anyway.  Sometimes it took a good fifteen minutes to navigate my way to the right side of the bedroom and when I finally made it there ( I didn't always and then I had to go on the floor of my sister's or brother's room-not as good) I would unpack and set up camp for the night.   I would finally fall asleep on the floor and spend another tired day in the fourth grade.

Which house will they choose?
Before HGTV
So flash forward a few decades or more and here I am in the same situation.....only my solutions have changed....Thank G-d.  Now I go into the living room by myself and watch HGTV!  There is nothing more relaxing than watching House Hunters, House Hunters International, Property virgins, My first Place, and Income Property etc.....The list goes on but House Hunters is by far the best and it's like I won the lottery when that show is starting.....If it's 12:00 and "Curb Appeal" is on it's not a good night.  House Hunters takes you on a journey of someone looking at three houses and making a choice by the end of the show.  You go through the whole process with them and my eyes start to shut by the second house.  I struggle to keep my eyes open which doesn't make sense because I'm there trying to get relaxed and fall asleep, but I have to see what house they choose!!!  
After HGTV
The next morning I try to test myself to see if I even remember who was looking for what house and I have no clue....but that night it is beyond important that I watch this family find their dream home.  I have to know if the sellers are willing to fix the boiler and the crack in the foundation!!!  I have to know!   It really is the most interesting show that can put you to sleep!  It's like taking a Xanax...and the shows are always on....they don't stop.   If you watch a movie or something too exciting it can keep you up.  Once I tried to fall asleep to a "Sex in the City" marathon and by the time I got sleepy Carrie was already in Paris with her artist boyfriend.....oooyyyyy....2:00am and I'm upset she is not with "Big".   The news is not good at that hour.  I get so freaked out over all of the problems in the world that my heart starts to pound and I am left thinking that for sure this time we are all in real trouble. That usually leads me to putting on my i-tunes and listening to sad music.  I try to get all my news in before bedtime....not during it.   So my solution is HGTV.  It is addicting and it works!  Next time you can't fall asleep, give it a try!  I promise you great results! 
If only there was HGTV when I was a child!

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