Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Overdo The Perfume!

By Wendy Joy
When we get out of the shower or bath we smell good. Fresh as the morning air!  We used some soap and water and we smell like ourselves and I bet if we walked by anyone in the street they would think "clean, fresh scent." But OH NO, we have to screw it up by drowning ourselves in what we think is an amazing fragrance.   We smell pretty good and yet we find it completely necessary to drench and soak ourselves in perfume! 


 We enter a room and the first thing we do is overwhelm people with our scent.   They have to hold their nose just so they don't faint from the fumes.  I know we may think that our scents smell delicious and I'm sure some of them do (at least to us)....but it is very personal and to overdo it is nothing more than offensive.  You are wearing the fragrance. You should not be wearing the bottle!

  Everyone that you come in contact with  does not have to go away with a reminder of you for the rest of the day.  No one ever thought "Oh I wish that lady had more perfume on because it smells so good!"  Why do we have to give off noxious fumes when we walk into a room and make people feel queasy because we just doused ourselves in a heavy scent that smells like one kind of flower or another.

 Then the dreaded hug that transfers all of our perfume onto the unsuspecting person who then has to spend the rest of the day in your scent whether they like it or not.  That's right!  When you put on too much perfume you transfer it to everyone you come into contact with and they know it right away.  "Damn, now I am going to smell like Lilac all day long and I have a very important business meeting to attend."  When someone meets you,  your scent should be soft because you smell beautiful from your bath or shower.  And if you don't smell beautiful and you are trying to cover up a bad smell like BO  after a workout, then that's even worse. The combination of body odor and perfume is lethal!  And men are guilty of this too. They are some of the worst offenders but I'm writing this for us, not for them...but at some point we are going to have to be honest with them as well.  When a man walks into the room with too much cologne on it's a turnoff....admit it. I have been asphyxiated by men's cologne!  Well, same goes for us.  The next time we feel compelled to spritz six more times, let's make it two and everyone will walk away remembering our beautiful smile, not "Exotic Daisy."

FYI..... Some men hate perfume.....It is a turnoff to them.....Keep that in mind!!!!!!!  

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  1. I agree. I can't stand when someone is wearing too much perfume. I make sure to put on just a drop before I leave the house. The worst is getting into an elevator after someone has just left and you have to hold your breath until you reach your floor...and hope the next person going in doesn't think it was you.


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