Monday, May 16, 2011

Top Three Diet Plans

Hi Girls/Ladies, (verdict is still out)
Consumer tests were conducted and the results for the top three diet plans are:

  1. Jenny Craig
  2. Slim Fast
  3. Weight Watchers
Actually I am very surprised.  I would think that Weight Watchers would be number 1.  I think that Weight Watchers is the most realistic of all the diet plans.  I really don't like to use the word diet because I feel that it is a stressful word.  Diet plan maybe sounds a little better.  What about just eating sensibly?  What is sensible eating in regard to losing weight and being healthy?  Well, if you go by math alone then I think more calories have to be going out then coming in!  With that being said I believe that the calories coming in have to be healthy calories.  That means trying not to eat fried foods, too much sugar (which I am guilty of), too much cheese,  too many carbs, too many fatty foods!
I believe that we know the best foods to eat but we just get lazy and it is much easier to eat what is unhealthy and what we think tastes better to us.  The truth is if we started eating healthier we would start to enjoy eating that way because we would see results and just know that we are putting healthier foods into our bodies, which we deserve to do.  We need to be kinder to ourselves!
Portion control is extremely important.  That is what Weight Watchers advocates.  What is so great about Weight Watchers is that you can buy your own food.  WW also gives you delicious recipes.  Jenny Craig's food are pre-packaged frozen foods that contain a lot of sodium which may not be a good thing for you.  The meals, I'm told, do not taste great and are costly.   I don't think Jenny Craig has meetings.  The Weight Watcher meetings are extremely inspiring, helpful, and very enjoyable!  People share their stories from the previous week.  It is a very supportive atmosphere!  The Weight Watchers meetings are actually fun!
Slim fast is having meal replacement shakes and bars.  I don't really think that this is realistic. Maybe for a short amount of time it might work.  Yet I feel that when you are really, really hungry you crave protein not sweets and I don't see then how a shake would satisfy your hunger.  I know there is protein in milk but I think when you need protein you NEED protein, even if it is beans, not a sugary protein shake.  You need REAL food!

I also believe that it is important to eat smaller , more frequent meals.  You have to keep your metabolism on its toes.  Your metabolism has to know that food is constantly coming down so it doesn't slow down. It has to keep working and burning!!!!  Makes sense!!!!!  Every few hours we should eat something healthy.  And important!  Break the fast from the night.  "Metabolism it is time to wake up and start working and burning!"
 Portion control.......very important!  When you eat out with a friend, sharing is a good thing.  Restaurants serve such huge portions.  Just because it is put in front of us does not mean that we have to eat it.  If you share with a friend then you will only eat half the portion and that is more than enough!  And if you need a sweet after you eat that is okay.  Everyone is entitled to a sweet.  Just use portion control.  Everything in moderation.  And don't walk away from the table stuffed!
Has anyone tried any of these eating plans?  What do you think about them?  Has any one in particular worked for you?  I would be interested in hearing about the slim fast plan.  If I had to make my own list. I would put Weight Watchers as number 1, Slim Fast as 2, and Jenny Craig would be last!  What do you think?  I would love to hear your comments!

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