Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Midnight In Paris

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick post.  Last night I saw "Midnight In Paris" written by Woody Allen.  It was great!  Just wanted to share with you.
 I have never been to Europe.  I hope to get there one day!  Woody Allen is of course genius.  In the beginning of the movie I felt like I was on a tour of Paris.  So beautiful!  I won't tell you details, I want you to be surprised.  The movie was so well done.  Owen Wilson plays the main character and he was amazing.  I could have sat there for another hour.  That is how enjoyable it was and such a great message!  Try to see it!!!


  1. Elyse:
    Andee and I saw it last week. It was fantastic. Glad you enjoyed, too. Talk to you soon. xxx

  2. I saw it alone and I loved it!!!! I broke my own rule and didn't wait for the movie to be around for a while....I couldn't wait and it was worth it. People were clapping when it was over. Very entertaining. Wendy Joy


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