Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Now You Are Telling Me To Eat Two Meals A Day?

Hi Ladies,
One of my friends just told me about an article that he read about how many times a day we should eat.  He said that this "expert" said that we should eat only two meals a day.  I had to address this because I totally disagree!
I think that if we only had two meals a day then we would be so hungry that we would definitely overeat at those meals.  Also, when you don't eat for hours I have always agreed with the fact that your metabolism starts to store fat because no food is coming down.  Your metabolism becomes sluggish.  If you don't eat breakfast your metabolism thinks that you are still sleeping and continues to store fat.  When you eat breakfast you kick-start your metabolism for the day.  You wake it up!  It starts to work in day mode and starts to do its job of burning fat!
Always start your day with a healthy breakfast!
Good Morning Metabolism.....start working!!!!!
 I believe in eating four to five smaller meals throughout the day.  You don't have to overeat at a meal because you are going to eat again in a few hours.  This way you are keeping your metabolism on its toes!  It has to work faster and harder.  I'm not saying that our meals are to consist of cake and cookies.  Eating the proper foods are also key to losing weight.  Protein is extremely important.  Protein keeps you feeling more satisfied which will easily get you to your next small meal.  Protein is also an important ingredient in building muscle.  It is extremely important to have toned muscles because besides looking good muscle burns more calories than fat.  So the more muscle you have the more fat you will efficiently burn throughout the day!  Muscle makes your body a more efficient "Fat Burning Machine."
 Try to limit your carbohydrate intake.  Try to limit processed sugar.  These things are a negative when it comes to losing weight.
Always Use The Smaller Plate!
Remember, ladies, portion control is extremely important.

 Please don't listen to the latest fad diets.



Fill up on fruits and veggies!
No one ever gained weight from eating too many blueberries!!!!
 Sensible eating is  the way to go.  Limit sugar, eat protein and exercise.  (and we don't have to  make ourselves crazy with the exercise......Stay tuned for easy and effective exercises!)

Remember...your metabolism has a job to do.  If you feed it less meals in a day than you are not letting it do its keep those meals coming but portion control is key....the meals should be small, often  
 ( every few hours),  and healthy!  I'm not saying no sweets (we are human.)  We know when we have gone too far with the treats!  Nobody loves chocolate more than me but I kind of know when I am eating just a little too much chocolate!

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