Sunday, July 24, 2011

Aging Is Reversible

"Most people think that aging is irreversible and we know that there are mechanisms even in the human machinery that allow for the reversal of aging, through correction of diet, through anti-oxidants, through removal of toxins from the body, through exercise, through yoga and breathing techniques, and through meditation."

                                                        ~ Deepak Chopra ~ 

These words by Deepak Chopra are so wonderfully encouraging.  We can change ourselves for the better!  I know so well that it is not easy.  So many things can keep us from changing.  But we must!!!  We must eat right......even if that means I cannot drink my beloved Diet Coke anymore. I am finding it harder to give up Diet Lemon Snapple.  Drinking flavored seltzer has been a great help!!!   We have to fill ourselves up with fruits and veggies.  Eating fruits will keep us younger looking because vitamin C is essential for building collagen.  We MUST exercise.  Whether we want to or not.  We have to!  Let's find a form of exercise that we can enjoy.  There are many, many options.  Deepak Chopra also recommends yoga.
Ladies, we can reverse the aging process so let's get going!!!

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