Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's All About The Resistance!

Hi Ladies (and men this is for you too!)

I just received some exercise products from SPRI!  So excited to get them!  I would like to tell you about these products.  I received the "Xercuff" and "Lateral Resistor."   These products are known as  resistance tubing.  You do not need to work out with machines or heavy weights.  Resistance tubing is a great option!  Actually a better option then standard gym machines.  When you work out with resistance tubing it is a more natural movement then sitting on a machine..... you recruit more muscle fibers which change your body faster and more effectively!!!!  Another plus is that you can bring the products with you and workout whenever you have a free moment.  I have two "Xercuffs".  I keep one at home and one always with me for my clients and myself.  You can keep one at the office.  Grab a free moment and get in a few reps!!  You will not bulk up!!!  You will have long, toned, beautiful legs!!!  Resistance tubing is a great way to accomplish this!
 SPRI offers numerous resistance products.  They are convenient, easy to use and most of all they are extremely effective!  So great for a lower body work-out!!!
Visit SPRI here to view all of their great products!!!!

Lateral Resistor


Visit SPRI to see all of their great resistance tubing!

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