Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Have To Outsmart Stress

    Hi Ladies,
Found these helpful hints.  Hope they can be of some help.  Please let me know!                                       


If you tend to do this:                               Try this instead:

Eat too much or too little                           Focus on good-for-you foods - in
                                                                sensible portions.  Eating well can  
                                                                 help you cope better.

Sleep too much or too                             Stick to a schedule.  Being overtired
little                                                         can increase your stress level.  And,
                                                               sleeping too much isn't a healthful
                                                                response either.

Zone out on the couch                             Just move.  Regular exercise can
                                                               reduce and help prevent stress.

Smoke, drink or use other drugs             Stop and think.  These can damage
                                                              your health.  Instead, favor the three
                                                               long-term solutions above.

Withdraw                                               Seek out positive people.  The
                                                              support of family and friends can
                                                              help you cope better.

Bottle up your emotions                         Express yourself. Call a friend. 
                                                             Write in a journal.

Expect perfection                                  Live and let live.  No one is
                                                            perfect.  Set reasonable expectations
                                                            for yourself and others.

Focus on problems                              Move on. Manage what you can.  But,
                                                           don't obsess about what you can't
                                                           Limit your exposure.  When possible,
                                                           avoid sources of stress.
Procrastinate                                       Do something.  Getting behind can 
                                                           make matters worse.
                                                           Take one small step-and
                                                           then another.

Keep a jampacked to-do list               Trim your tasks.  Cut those you don't
                                                           have to do.
                                                           Carve out time for yourself.  Do
                                                           something you enjoy daily.

Always say yes                                    Practice saying no.  Know your limits. 
                                                           If you take on too much, you take on
                                                           more stress.


This info was taken from Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Issue 1, 2011

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