Monday, August 29, 2011


Good Morning Ladies,
As I write this blog post I am still not home.  I did not sleep at my house the night of the storm.  We were told to evacuate.  Today we went home and were going to sleep home and then down the block a huge tree fell on power lines and we lost our electricity.  We were pretty lucky, though.  Just some water in my garage and now no electric.  No flooding.  So many of my neighbors had flooding and so many had uprooted trees crash into their fences, cars and roofs.  We took pics during the hurricane.  What was your hurricane experience, east coast ladies?

This is usually a street, not a river!

We are looking at the street not the bay

Uprooted tree and sidewalk

A motor boat going down the street

One of many downed trees

A patch of blue


  1. We were really lucky. We were asked to evacuate but with 2 dogs & just 1 block south of the line - sunrise highway we decided to stay. We live in a house over 100 years old so I thought worse case scenario was we would lose power but we did not. Friends as close as n. woodmere is to cedarhurst (where i live) have had floods and no power since saturday. try to count my blessings at this stage of my life! we have become so dependent on our electonic world; makes you think!

  2. Ann, you are so right. We are really lucky. I am told some people won't get their power back until Monday. Some of my neighbors don't have power yet. But you are right, we do have to count our blessings! Thank you for your comment!


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