Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Norma Kamali.......66 and fabulous!

Hi ladies, 
I know that we all remember Norma Kamali.  Her fashion was the cutting edge.
  I remember how much I loved her styles. We all wanted to own a Norma Kamali
 bathing suit.  We loved her fashions in the seventies.  Among other ventures 
Norma Kamali is designing for Walmart.
Norma Kamali wearing her signature sunglasses

Norma Kamali Retro Swimsuits
 Well, Ms. Kamali is back and better than ever.  I guess she never left.  She is just doing some new exciting things!  Norma Kamali has opened a "Wellness Cafe" in Manhattan.  Below she describes it to us...........
"The Wellness Café was established as a place where people can come for alternatives from food to personal care and lifestyle choices that can enhance fitness, health, and beauty. In fashion, we tend to cover our faces with makeup and create an illusion through clothing. One dress can change your night, but when you take it off will you still feel empowered when you look in the mirror? A non-processed food lifestyle with regular exercise and the use of personal-care products that support the immune system can transform your life. Little steps at your own pace can be very rewarding in a short time. Anyone who visits the café is welcome to a cup of green tea with some olive-oil popcorn and to test out some of the products. They can also sign up to be invited to our Wellness events where I personally share information about new products and people who are doing amazing things. Of course, all of this is done through vanity. why not get an acupuncture facelift? The acupuncture that transforms your face is really changing your entire system at the same time. From your liver and kidneys to your blood flow opening up everything to make way for a healthy balanced body and a beautiful glowing face."

"The Wellness Cafe"  is located at 11 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019

I think that I will listen up to what Norma Kamali has to say.   She is 66 and soooo fabulous! 
Watch this video below.  Norma Kamali is talking about the benefits of olive oil.


Read more about Norma Kamali 
Visit the "Wellness Cafe" 

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