Monday, August 1, 2011

Self Tanning Just became so much easier!

At my desk in the office.  Until I get to post my pics of the beach from yesterday, thought you might like hearing about my new addiction for this summer..........

Hi Ladies,
I do not like my whiter than white legs in the summer.  I have self-tanned for years, never really liking any of the self-tanning products that I was using.  They were messy, would streak and most of all smell bad.  This summer I discovered Tan Towels!  Awesome, amazing, easy, quick, no streaking, no drying time and most of all......NO SMELL.......ACTUALLY REFRESHING!  There is one negative and only one.  Tan Towels are costly.  At least to me they are.    A box of five towels is about $27.00.  That is for five applications.  The towels come in two sizes.  The large towel comes in a box of five.  A large towel will cover a lot of area.  Both legs, stomach and back. (might even be a little bit left for arms.)  There is also a box of ten towels.   But these towels are smaller, so one might only cover one leg.  I've tried to use one small one for two legs, it just about makes it.  So if you want to also do your stomach and back and arms you really need the bigger Tan Towel.  You can buy both sizes and use the smaller towels for touch-ups.
Either way, Tan Towels are amazing.  They are just an expensive habit!  I think I am addicted!

Tan Towels come Classic for lighter skin and
Plus for a little darker results (I love the Plus)
Click here to visit the Tan Towel Site

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