Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Strike A Pose.....I love Isometrics

Hi Ladies,
I think that Isometrics are a great addition to your workout.   I am starting to love it.  You need minimal or no equipment and I feel that it is fairly easy. You can practically do it anywhere, anytime throughout your busy day so if you can't get to do your regular workout Isometrics is the answer.   And it is extremely effective! The reason that it is so effective is that since you are making an isometric contraction you are recruiting so many more muscle fibers than if you were doing a regular repetition.  This might sound a little confusing and believe me I am still learning so much about it but it makes sense.  I will add a link so you can read a more detailed definiton of what an isometric contraction or exercise is.
  You can be sitting at your desk at work and perform an isometric exercise. Just tighten your abdominal muscles and hold.  While you are standing on line at the store contract your butt muscles and hold for ten seconds, release, then tighten again.  (I like to do little pulses when I am contracting  the muscles of the thigh and butt, I find this very effective.)  Lay on your bed and press your heels against each other. Hold for ten seconds, then release, and repeat. (great for inner thighs)
While I was sitting on the beach there was a small hard plastic table in front of me.  I put my feet on either side of the table and pressed against the table.  Great inner thigh exercise.
But remember, you must also do regular resistance exercises so you will be strong at all points in a complete range of motion.

Modified side plank

The Plank, great for abs and back

You can perform this with or without a stability ball

Work your arms and chest
Caution: Never hold your breath when you exercise, especially while doing an isometric contraction.  An isometric contraction can raise your blood pressure.  So people that have high blood pressure should definitely consult their physician before this type of work out or for that matter any type of exercise program.  Do not do Isometric exercises if you have any heart problems.
When you are using free weights, for example to work your biceps, you can do an isometric contraction, but you must perform that contraction at various points throughout the range of motion of a regular repetition.  If you do not perform the isometric contraction at the various points then you will not gain strength throughout the range of motion.  For this exercise then I would do a regular bicep curl.  It would take too long to do an isometric contraction for each point in a range of motion.
I think that isometric exercises are amazing for your lower body and abs!!!!

Click here to read the definition of Isometric Exercise.

Ladies, please leave a comment if you have any questions about working out.  If I can assist in any way please let me know!  Elyse Rose

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