Monday, August 29, 2011

What was your hurricane drink of choice?

Hi Ladies,
Hope you enjoyed my pics of Hurricane Irene.
On Saturday before the storm hit hard I got together with some friends.   I think the hurricane put everyone in the mood to have a drink!  I love red or white sangria with lots of fruit and ice.  Saturday I drank red.  Love eating the fruit after the sangria is gone.  My friends were drinking rum and coke and red wine.

When I got back to work today I asked everyone if they had  a hurricane drink.  One of my co-workers had scotch, another had beer.  One of my co-workers had "Firefly" which is a sweet tea vodka.  How she prepared it....                         3/4 cup of lemonade
                                     top it off with the Firefly

She said it is amazing!
Ladies, what did you drink for the hurricane?

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