Friday, September 30, 2011

The Places I'd Like to Visit

Watching the new show "Pan Am"  (Sunday nights  on ABC) made me think of all the places in the country and the world that I would love to visit.  Just wanted to share them with you.
 From the very first time I watched the "Sound of Music" with my daughter we became so interested in visiting Austria.

The mountains of Austria where Maria sang "The Hills are alive"


Ipanema (I always made believe that I was the girl from Ipanema)
English Countryside

I would love to see many places in the United States.  The one state that I want to visit the most is California!  I was born in California when my dad was in the army.  He was stationed in a few states around the country.  My parents lived in California for about a year and a half.  So all I remember is what I have seen in home movies.  I have only been back there once and that was about 26 years ago.  So California is first on my list of places in the U.S.

Manhattan Beach, California

Napa Valley
Ladies, where would you like to travel to if you could pick any place in the world?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Hi Ladies,
I don't drink a lot of caffeinated coffee.  It sometimes gives me heart palpitations.  But when I do drink it I have always felt that it did something to my mood.  It actually gives  me a mood boost.  Puts me in a better mood.  Makes me feel happier.  Well it turns out that I am not imagining it.  This actually is true.  A new study has come out from the "Archives of Internal Medicine" that states women who drink two to three cups a day can reduce their chances of getting depression by 15%.
I think I may start to have at least one cup of caffeine in the morning.  I have also previously bought half decaf/half caffeine.  At least you are getting  half  a cup of caffeine.   Maybe that is why people say that they cannot start their day without coffee.  It definitely gives a mood boost, gives you energy and keeps  you more focused.  But if you are one of many who get side effects from caffeine it may not be worth the risk.  Whereas this study shows a decrease in depression, there are actually people who can get depressed from drinking coffee.  But that might be because they get jittery and heart palpitations and maybe that makes them depressed.   Remember, caffeine is a drug and drugs have side effects.

Botox as a Cream

Just a FYI.
Botox is going to be available as a cream.  It is in stage 2 approval from the FDA.  I don't know if you will still have to go to the Dermatologist's office or if you can apply it yourself at home.
I have never used Botox but this might change my mind!
Injection or Cream.  Which would you choose?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Milk Does Not Do A Body Good


  • American dairy milk is genetically-modified unless it’s labeled “NO rBGH”
  • Genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) in milk increases cancer risks.
"American dairy farmers inject rBGH to dairy cows to increase milk production.
European nations and Canada have banned rBGH to protect citizens from IGF-1 hazards.

Milk that is clearly labeled “NO rBGH” is free of rBGH and does not contain excess levels of IGF-1.

American-made cheeses are contaminated with rBGH and excess levels of IGF-1 unless they’re labeled “NO rBGH”. Imported European cheeses are safe since Europe has banned rBGH.

 In 1994, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of the recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). According to rBGH manufacturers, injections of rBGH causes cows to produce up to 20 percent more milk. The growth hormone also stimulates the liver to increase IGF-1 levels in the milk of those cows. Recently, Eli Lilly & Co., a manufacturer of rBGH, reported a ten-fold increase in IGF-1 levels in milk of cows receiving the hormone. IGF-1 is the same in humans and cows, and is not destroyed by pasteurization. In fact, the pasteurization process actually increases IGF-1 levels in milk.
 After the rBGH milk is consumed, IGF-1 is not destroyed by human digestion. Instead, IGF-1 is readily absorbed across the intestinal wall. Additional research has shown that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream where it can effect other hormones.

 It is highly likely that IGF-1 promotes transformation of normal breast cells to breast cancers. In addition, IGF-1 maintains the malignancy of human breast cancer cells, including their invasiveness and ability to spread to distant organs. (Increased levels of IGF-1 have similarly been associated with colon and prostate cancers.) The prenatal and infant breast is particularly susceptible to hormonal influences. Such imprinting by IGF-1 may increase future breast cancer risks, and may also increase the sensitivity of the breast to subsequent unrelated risks such as mammography and the carcinogenic and estrogen-like effects of pesticide residues in food, particularly in pre-menopausal women."


1. Do not buy milk from cows treated with rBGH. Unless the milk-label states “NO rBGH”, you can assume the milk is contaminated. rBGH has become so widely used by dairy farmers. Most health food stores sell rBGH-free milk.

2. Contact your local supermarket and find out if they have a policy regarding rBGH and milk. Make clear that you would like rBGH-free milk.

3. Write to the FDA and express your concern that they are restricting the labeling of rBGH-free milk.

This information was taken word for word from "Cancer Prevention Coalition."

Ladies, these are the views of the "Cancer Prevention Coalition" but I have heard so much talk lately about how dangerous milk is for you.     
I have switched to soy milk and almond milk.  I know that there is even controversy with soy milk in regard to breast cancer.  But I feel that the estrogen in soy milk has to be minimal.  I do try to choose almond milk when I can. 
One good use for whole milk is that it removes undereye puffiness, stated by Dr. Oz.

Fall Style

Hi Ladies,
Boot shopping at Lord and Taylor last Saturday afternoon. Sale time!

Lace-ups are so popular this season
with low heel or high heel (casual and dressy)

Really Cool by Dolce Vita

Uggs are always in style

Lace-ups are so popular

Love these rain boots by Kate Spade

This season spike heels to very chunky are in style

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pan Am (New Fall Show)

Did you watch "Pan Am" last night?  I wasn't going to but am glad that I did. It was so good.  It takes place in the sixties and the scenery, fashion, cars, music, etc. are so true to the sixties.  The show tells of the lives of the Pan Am Flight Crew.  Felt like I was time traveling.  I had a friend who was a Pan Am stewardess in the early eighties.  She had a commuter apartment with other stewardesses in New York but she lived in Chicago.  I wish I didn't have a fear of flying.  How exciting their lives seemed.  Below actual Pan Am stewardesses that flew in the sixties saw a preview of the show.  See their reaction.

Kirstie Alley

How amazing does Kirstie Alley look!  She has lost 100 pounds!  Kirstie has struggled with her weight constantly over the years.  Her dramatic weight loss started when she was on "Dancing With The Stars."  Since then she has gotten into great shape and has lost 100 pounds.  At 60 years old Kirstie Alley looks great!
 There is much talk now that this time she lost her weight because she has become bulimic.   This is stated in "The National Inquirer."  Kirstie 100% denies this.  She is so upset with this allegation that she is taking the Inquirer to court.  
At fashion week Kirstie showed off her new size six figure at designer Zang Toi's runway show.  

Modeling Zang Toi

On "Dancing With The Stars"

Losing weight is not easy.  We have to give Kirstie Alley so much credit. 
And Ladies before you start any exercise program always check with your doctor.

Happy Monday!

It's been a busy weekend doing errands for the upcoming wedding.  The weather cooperated.  It was supposed to be a washout but it was summerlike.  Sunday was very, very humid.  But, honestly I like humid over bitter cold.  We went to the salon to see how we would wear our hair for the wedding.  In the salon there was this beautiful fall arrangement done by a designer from Manhattan named "Vanity."  That was the only name I was given.
Hope your weekend was nice!

So colorful and fall-like!

A stop at Target
Update on Missoni - customers are returning items so this is what is available.  Some plastic glasses, picture frames and comforters.

Shoe shopping at DSW.   This was my first time at DSW.  HUGE array of shoes.  Big discounts.  We found beautiful shoes for the wedding!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Have a Great Weekend!

This weekend there is alot to do in preparation for my step-daughter's wedding!  Hopefully it won't be too rainy!  The wedding is in less than a month.  I can't believe it!

 Have a fun, relaxing weekend!

If you run out of things to do! 

Romantic Movies

Hi Ladies,
It has been such a gray and rainy day that it reminded me of staying in and watching an old romantic movie.  So I started to think of some romantic movies.
 Doctor Zhivago

Gone With The Wind

Some Like It Hot

West Side Story

Splendor In The Grass
Funny Girl
Love Story
Pretty Woman

Did you ever have a love affair like one of these?  Or do they only happen in the movies?

Welcome Fall!

Good Morning Ladies and Welcome Fall!
I am going to miss summer so so so much!  I love the warm weather.  I love not having to wear a coat and boots.  I hate to shiver!
But the fall is a beautiful time of year!  No shivering YET!  There is beauty in all the seasons!  JUST MORE BEAUTY IN THE SUMMER!!!  But, Fall we will welcome you with all your beautiful colors and fun events!  I love to go pumpkin picking and maybe this year I will even get to go apple picking!  And don't forget the wineries!  They are absolutely beautiful.  And Central Park in the Fall is so pretty.  And don't forget the little goblins that are going to knock on your door for candy!  They are sooo cute!
Ladies, do you have any special plans for the cooler weather.  It's a great time to just take a walk on the boardwalk or at the park or really just about anywhere!
Central Park in Fall - Photo by Ronald Saari

Time for yummy hot Fall drinks!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cool Gadgets

Hi Ladies,
I was browsing the web and found these cool items!  What do you think of them?  Would you use them?

Hidden drawer steps

Tape Measure Belt (this is clever)

Penguin Tea Bag Dipper

This is a little gross

Shower Note Pad

Microphone Sponge
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