Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bye, Bye Books

Hi Ladies,
I have to talk about this because it is bothering me so much!  Everyone (mainly the younger generation) tells me to get over it.  Well  I cannot get over it.  I want to give my opinion on the extinction of books.  My daughter is an avid reader.  She loves her books.  There is an epidemic of bookstore closings.  But my daughter still had her little bookstore in Oceanside that she loved so much.  Well guess what?  Now that is closing.  How sad!
My daughter would go to this bookstore and the ladies that work there would discuss all the latest books.  They would give their opinions because they had read them all.  Sometimes I would go with my daughter and we would look at the books that were so nicely displayed.  The covers were so inviting.   You just had to pick up a book and read the short synopsis.  Even the smell of the pages!  And the different sections.  It was fun to walk from section to section looking at the different topics.  Something about holding a book in your hand!!!  Something about having pretty bookends and displaying your books!
I know you have to change with the times.  I am typing on a computer.  I have a blog (years ago what did I know about a blog?).  We never knew from these modern technologies.   Don't get me wrong!  Technology is a great thing!  And the Kindle is a booming business.  So who am I to argue this?  But how can you take away beautiful books???  And wonderful bookstores.  Are our grandchildren going to know what a good book looks like?  Or just what the words look like on a Kindle. Children's books are so colorful and happy!  I would hate not to see them in a child's bedroom.  What happens when it's time for the "book fair" in elementary school.  How excited the children would be when they chose the books they wanted!
What is your opinion on this?

Believe it or not these images will be a thing of the past!



  1. I hear you, elyse. I am an avid reader & totally understand your concerns. I have a nook and my family has kindles. There are benefits. Unfortunately very few charities want books. If you read a lot you end up with lots of wasted paper and lots of books that you really won't go back to. It is not the same when you browse on line to choose your books. You cannot touch them but you do have the leisure of reading a better sample than you usually would in a book store. The sites where you buy from even suggest recent books that you may like based on previous choices. The local bookstore people used to do the same thing in a different way. That is what bothers me about this and all technology. You do it alone. You and the computer. I guess the solution to that is book clubs? However it is the wave of the future & I have gotten used to my nook and rarely pick up the few special books I have kept through the years. Who ever would have thought that the internet would change the world so much but it has. So you want my opinion, like a lot of things I've realized in my 56+ years there's a lot of grey area here. I'm not sure how I feel but I am donating an old encylopedia to charity. will they even want it? and please if you've read any good books or have a favorite author, share that information. thanks for posting your feelings; you are not alone. ann

  2. I spent $100 at Barnes & Noble yesterday. But then, I'm not a lady over 50!

  3. Hi Frank, that is so great that you bought books! Yay! I don't want books to be a thing of the past. I know you are not a lady over 50 but you must know a few so thank you for reading my blog! elyse

  4. Hi Ann,
    I think that you and I have very similar views on modern technology. I guess to some extent we have to change with the times. I am going to post some good reads that my daughter highly recommends! Thank you for commenting. elyse


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