Friday, September 9, 2011


Hi Ladies,
Last week I took a day off from work.  We drove up to Woodstock for the afternoon.  I think it was a little too far to drive back and forth in one day but we did it anyway.  I actually thought Woodstock was not more than two hours from my home but it turned out to be three, maybe a bit more because of traffic.  I have never been to Woodstock.....actually last year we went to "Yasger's Farm" in Bethel where the festival actually took place.  Standing in the wide open space you can only imagine what it must have been like with ALL those people there.  My friend had attempted to go to Woodstock but couldn't get anywhere near.  He said people abandoned cars on the road.  He couldn't even get close enough to hear music.
Yesterday was not the best day to go to the town of Woodstock since they still didn't have electricity due to "Irene".  There was one outdoor eatery open.  They were using a generator.  Candles lit the bathroom.    There were about four or five stores open.
The town definitely still has the feeling of way back then.  I guess by choice.  The people look just as they did in the sixties and seventies, just older.  And the stores reminded me of stores that I shopped in back in 1969.
We met Jaime Surgil who owns "Timbuktu" in the heart of Woodstock. What a great shop.  So much to look at.  Some things nostalgic.  You can visit "Timbuktu" to view and shop all of Jaime's great items. One item in particular that I was interested in is "Essence of Vali Sleep Ritual."  I bought a small bottle because it smells so good!  I haven't tried it on my pillow yet.

Essence of Vali Sleep Ritual  (EOV-1) • $18.
A few sleep concentrated drops on the pillowcase is all it takes to ease into a peaceful sleep. During times of stress you can put a drop on a tissue or cotton ball and inhale the relaxing aroma. Each bottle provides 100 nights of peaceful sleep. Ingredients include lavender, marjoram,cedarwood, & ylang ylang. 5 ml. 

A beautiful stream in Woodstock

                                         The Blues Brothers just hanging out!                              

"Timbuktu" (Jaime's fun store)


Mirror made from vinyl records

This is actually a bowl!
So much more to look at!

Then on our way back to Long Island we stopped in Rhinebeck.  Pretty town. Lots of great stores and restaurants.

This wine bottle was not for sale
We wanted to buy it but no luck.

Merriweather's  makes their own line of soaps, creams and oils.
They call it "Healthy food for your skin"

Display of the homemade soaps!
Visit Merriweather's website here 

Ladies, have you ever taken a daycation?  Where have you gone?  It was so nice to get away even though it was for only a day!!!

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