Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Monday!

It's been a busy weekend doing errands for the upcoming wedding.  The weather cooperated.  It was supposed to be a washout but it was summerlike.  Sunday was very, very humid.  But, honestly I like humid over bitter cold.  We went to the salon to see how we would wear our hair for the wedding.  In the salon there was this beautiful fall arrangement done by a designer from Manhattan named "Vanity."  That was the only name I was given.
Hope your weekend was nice!

So colorful and fall-like!

A stop at Target
Update on Missoni - customers are returning items so this is what is available.  Some plastic glasses, picture frames and comforters.

Shoe shopping at DSW.   This was my first time at DSW.  HUGE array of shoes.  Big discounts.  We found beautiful shoes for the wedding!

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