Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Hi Ladies,
I don't drink a lot of caffeinated coffee.  It sometimes gives me heart palpitations.  But when I do drink it I have always felt that it did something to my mood.  It actually gives  me a mood boost.  Puts me in a better mood.  Makes me feel happier.  Well it turns out that I am not imagining it.  This actually is true.  A new study has come out from the "Archives of Internal Medicine" that states women who drink two to three cups a day can reduce their chances of getting depression by 15%.
I think I may start to have at least one cup of caffeine in the morning.  I have also previously bought half decaf/half caffeine.  At least you are getting  half  a cup of caffeine.   Maybe that is why people say that they cannot start their day without coffee.  It definitely gives a mood boost, gives you energy and keeps  you more focused.  But if you are one of many who get side effects from caffeine it may not be worth the risk.  Whereas this study shows a decrease in depression, there are actually people who can get depressed from drinking coffee.  But that might be because they get jittery and heart palpitations and maybe that makes them depressed.   Remember, caffeine is a drug and drugs have side effects.

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