Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Duo It!

If finding the motivation to exercise is close to impossible then pairing up with a friend could be the answer!   With a friend besides you on the boardwalk or treadmill, workouts are more fun.  It is a perfect time to catch up!

And if you are one, like me, who tends to skip workouts, buddying up can be a sure fire way to stay with your fitness plan.

But first........

  1. Find a good match.  Look for a partner who has a similar fitness level as you.  You don't want to work out with someone who is much more advanced than you or with someone who is not up to your level.  Also it is important that you have similar schedules.  What is best for both of you?  Mornings, afternoons or evenings?
  2. Think outside the block.  Neighborhood walking buddies are great.  But, almost any type of exercise can be done as a duo.  There are many choices.  You can sign up for a fitness class together.  There are so many classes available from body toning to pilates , yoga , step, and the new soul cycle , etc.  Or you can play tennis, racquetball, lift weights (one of my favorites), use resistance tubing (another favorite)  or even try swimming.  
  3. Share a mission.  Setting a goal together such as losing 10 pounds or training for a neighborhood race can add inspiration.
  4. And remember always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program or increasing your level of activity.                                               

    some info taken from Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
    United Health Care Issue 1, 2011                                    

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