Monday, September 26, 2011

Kirstie Alley

How amazing does Kirstie Alley look!  She has lost 100 pounds!  Kirstie has struggled with her weight constantly over the years.  Her dramatic weight loss started when she was on "Dancing With The Stars."  Since then she has gotten into great shape and has lost 100 pounds.  At 60 years old Kirstie Alley looks great!
 There is much talk now that this time she lost her weight because she has become bulimic.   This is stated in "The National Inquirer."  Kirstie 100% denies this.  She is so upset with this allegation that she is taking the Inquirer to court.  
At fashion week Kirstie showed off her new size six figure at designer Zang Toi's runway show.  

Modeling Zang Toi

On "Dancing With The Stars"

Losing weight is not easy.  We have to give Kirstie Alley so much credit. 
And Ladies before you start any exercise program always check with your doctor.

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