Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Fall!

Good Morning Ladies and Welcome Fall!
I am going to miss summer so so so much!  I love the warm weather.  I love not having to wear a coat and boots.  I hate to shiver!
But the fall is a beautiful time of year!  No shivering YET!  There is beauty in all the seasons!  JUST MORE BEAUTY IN THE SUMMER!!!  But, Fall we will welcome you with all your beautiful colors and fun events!  I love to go pumpkin picking and maybe this year I will even get to go apple picking!  And don't forget the wineries!  They are absolutely beautiful.  And Central Park in the Fall is so pretty.  And don't forget the little goblins that are going to knock on your door for candy!  They are sooo cute!
Ladies, do you have any special plans for the cooler weather.  It's a great time to just take a walk on the boardwalk or at the park or really just about anywhere!
Central Park in Fall - Photo by Ronald Saari

Time for yummy hot Fall drinks!

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