Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Work-Smart Solutions

Hi Ladies,
For those of us who still work,  as I do,  here are some health tips to take to the office!

1.   Pack your own healthy snacks and meals.
      When hunger calls, you will be less tempted to head for the vending machine or drive-through.
2.   If possible, eat on a schedule - even if you're busy or working long hours.
      If you miss or delay a meal, you'll be more likely to overeat later.
3.   If you have a high-calorie treat - such as a doughnut or slice of birthday cake - divide it up and eat      
      only  a few bites.
      You will get a tasty nibble without loading up on too many calories.
4.   Chew slowly, paying attention to flavors and textures.
      Your brain and your stomach will have time to get the message that you've eaten and you are full
       before you overeat.  Eating fast is a sure way to eat too much food, don't do it!             
5.   Having a work party?  Don't pick at everything!  Use a small  plate and be extra choosy.
      You'll get to take part in the festivities without the risk of overeating.
6.    Look for a way to burn off extra calories during the day.  Maybe, that's taking the stairs or walking
       during a break.
      Whatever your job, you need regular physical activity every day.   Moving more can help keep 
     weight in check.

Just a taste!

Make healthy meal choices at the office

Take the stairs when you can!

some info taken from United Health Care Issue 1 2011

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