Monday, October 10, 2011

Breast Cancer, early detection saves lives

Hi ladies,
Happy Monday, hope you had a relaxing weekend!  The weather was really great here in New York. 
It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Early detection is so important.
Early detection is equal to a cure.  If breast cancer is found when it is still contained in the breast  the survival rate is excellent.   Early detection saves thousands of lives.   Breast cancer that is found through screenings before there are any symptoms are usually breast cancers that can be treated successfully. 
This is why screenings are so important.  
Early detection means:

  1. self exams - know your body, know when something feels different
  2. yearly clinical exams  by your gynecologist
  3. yearly mammograms  
  4. yearly sonograms  (used in conjunction with mammograms when needed)
  5. breast MRI if you are at high risk
These steps can save your life.  
Ladies, don't forget to make your mammo appointment!

On a personal note......I am guilty of not following all the early detection guidelines.  I was supposed to get a breast MRI last year and I didn't.  I had one a few years ago and did not quite like the experience so I haven't had another.  Now I am nervous that I didn't because as I previously told you I had intraductal carcinoma twelve years ago.  So I am a high risk person and the MRI is the "gold standard" of tests.  But I promise myself that scared or not after my mammo this year which is coming up soon I am going to have the MRI. 

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